Content Writing: Four Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

digital-marketingDigital marketing services offered by the best companies will include a content writing service. Digital marketing, essentially, is the go-to practice of business owners who want to get noticed by their target audience online. It is defined as the process of “marketing of products or services using digital mediums”.

It’s strategic, and allows you to tap into a much wider audience. It’s the best solution to every employers’ digital marketing woes especially if you’re one of those folks who are struggling to connect with a younger audience.

However, as simple as it sounds, digital marketing is more complicated than you think. It has a lot of branches with different purposes and functions. Under the umbrella term of digital marketing, there’s content creation, social media management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), inbound marketing, email outreach, and lead generation.

Here are four questions you should ask yourself for a good digital marketing strategy.


What Do You Want to Achieve?

Especially if your business is still in its start-up phase, you can’t afford to spend money on something that will not reap any benefits for your business. Of course, you’re going to spend a little money on digital marketing, but determining your goals will help you do it efficiently.

By having a specific target goal, it would be easier to determine the direction of your campaign. It will also help you create a clear financial plan for the entire marketing campaign. By knowing what you want, it becomes easier to determine the steps on how you can achieve it.

What Message Do You Want to Send?

In other words, “what do you want your audience to know?” Do you want encourage them to buy your products? Do you want them to connect to you on a personal level? Do you want them to download your latest ebook?

To Whom Do You Want to Send Your Message?

Digital marketing is especially effective if you’re trying to tap to a younger audience. If you’re trying to reach students or young professionals, social media would be the best area of digital marketing to use. If you’re planning to increase brand awareness among your tech-savvy customers by being visible online, SEO or getting content writing service from professionals would be the best solution.

Who’ll Do the Work?

Digital marketing requires work. Whichever branch of digital marketing you want to use for your marketing campaign, it will require a lot of time, effort, resources and a purpose-driven, well-crafted strategy.

It Is possible for business owners to do their own digital marketing campaign. But running your own business is, in itself challenging and time consuming. This is why there are business owners around the world who hire professionals who offer digital marketing services.

There are a lot of competent companies around the world who provide digital marketing services. These companies house experts who can manage your campaign through social media, content writing, or whatever appropriate channel, so you can focus on other areas of your business that need your attention.

Don’t know where to start? We know a few people you can trust, send us a message!


6 Qualities of a Good SEO Service Provider

When shopping for a digital marketing agency to do SEO, you really have to do your homework. If you hire the wrong people for the job, one of two things could happen. All their work could end up doing nothing (which is the best case scenario) or they might get you severely penalized by Google (worst case scenario). Fortunately, good SEO service providers aren’t that hard to find. When shopping for a team to work on your website, what out for these qualities.

1. Years of Experience

It takes years to learn and practice SEO. So ideally you should go for an agency that has a proven track record and a list of satisfied clients. But what if you want to give a (relatively) new player a shot? Good SEO experts do what they can to brush up and maintain their skills even when they don’t have clients. They usually start by working on their own sites first to prove their SEO chops.

2. Updated on the Latest Google Algorithm Changes

Google updates their search algorithm continuously to improve their user experience. This means that the SEO techniques that used to work in the past, especially black and grey hat SEO, are obsolete. In some case, websites and agencies that practice these techniques are even penalized. This is not a problem if the expert you’re talking to wants to focus on white hat techniques. I bet the only complaint they would have about the whole thing is how Google has a nasty habit of naming their updates after adorable animals.

3. Well-rounded SEO Plan

SEO is an art and a science. It has both technical and non-technical components. At the same time, a website’s SEO ranking isn’t completely dependent on its content and performance. An SEO specialist considers all these factors when working for their clients. So if your “expert’ tells you that you only need to do onsite SEO or you don’t need good content, it might be best to start looking for his replacement.

4. Business-savvy

A good SEO consultant knows that you’re running a business and understands that your website needs to perform as intended. So they don’t just focus on ranking on search engines. They study your market first to know what keywords they’re likely to use when they plan to buy. They also look at whether your website converts well with visitors. SEO experts also regularly monitor if there’s a need to change strategies to adapt to changing needs of your market.

5. Good Communicators

Your website is a reflection of your business. But once you optimize your site, some changes need to be made. That’s why it’s important for SEO teams to be good communicators. They need understand what you want to happen for your business and they need to explain what properly what they need to do in order to make that happen. SEO isn’t witchcraft. If they can’t explain what they do and how they’re doing things, they probably don’t really understand what they’re doing.

6. Realistic

With SEO, there’s only so much you can control and forecast. That’s why good SEO companies know that it’s unrealistic to guarantee a #1 ranking on any search engine. Search agencies don’t show preferences or give favors to ‘special’ SEO experts. It’s all done though the algorithm. So if your digital marketing agency is telling you they can get you on the first page of Google in a ridiculously short amount of time, best to turn around and walk away.

Don’t waste your time with SEO teams who’ll just run off with your money. Do your research and take the time to find a good digital marketing agency and SEO service provider. Your business will thank you for it.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook for Business

facebookFacebook is one of the leading social media platforms online. In fact, more than half of all adults around the world use Facebook to connect and be entertained. From its good old days when writing on your friends’ walls was the trend, it has transformed into a dynamic avenue for entertainment, news, and even for advertising.

Have you opened Facebook today? If you did, what did you find other than your friends’ photos and posts? Yep, that’s right. Advertisements.

Facebook ads have been prevalent especially in the recent years. Unlike other advertisements from other platforms, Facebook ads are famous for their special algorithm. The advertisements that appear on our timeline are dependent on our online behavior and interests.

So How Can Facebook Help Businesses Sell?


Unlike other advertisements from LinkedIn, Twitter, or Tumblr, Facebook ads are more affordable. In fact, you could spend as little as $1 a day in your ads but still be able to reach more people who are relevant to your target market.  Facebook advertising doesn’t break the bank. If anything, it helps you make the most out of every dollar you spend.


This is what makes Facebook ads competitive and worth your every buck. Before you publish your advertisement, Facebook asks about your target demographics by asking for their location, age, gender, language, interest, behaviors and even connections.

This characteristic of Facebook ads is one of its strengths. It ensures that the relevant audience gets your content and that you don’t waste your time and money on users who might not even bother batting an eye.


Different Types of Ads

Facebook ads are dynamic, and it has many different types. There are the Leads ads, Canvas ads, Offer ads, Video ads, Domain ads, Carousel ads and many other. Choosing which ad you should use for your Facebook marketing campaign largely depends on what you want to accomplish in your campaign.

Do you want to gain more followers? Do you want more people to visit your physical (or online) store? Do you want more likers? Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Determining the type of ad to use for your campaign largely depends on what you want to gain in your entire marketing campaign.

Gain Competitive

Many are on Facebook for personal purposes, but not many are aware of the benefits of Facebook for business. As surprising as it sounds, not many businesses have tried advertising on Facebook despite its benefits financially and strategically.

Since not many businesses have tried using the platform for your advantage, now is the time for you to get ahead and competitive. By trying Facebook advertising and using it strategically, you get to maximize the platform to benefit your business and get ahead of your competitors.

Facebook is one of the biggest gem any business can find in the internet realm. And while most people are already aware of how they can maximize Facebook for their personal use, not many are aware about how they can use it to boost their business.

Facebook has reached a point where it’s no longer just an ordinary platform for talking. It’s now a major social networking platform that specializes in its ability to spread information. It’s time that you realize its benefits now, and use it to your advantage.