How to Build Your Own Web Development Company

Starting a web development company is a daunting task. Challenges and obstacles will accompany you along the way. Ambition alone won’t get you through your journey, you will also need lots of diligence and determination.

To help you get started, we’ve prepared a basic guide on how to start your web development company.


Develop your Brand

Create a compelling identity and find a unique approach to the market. What sets you apart from other web development companies? Is it the distinct type of service you offer? Since you are getting into a businesses forget, you must know the importance of marketing .

Organize a Financial Plan

Money is usually the issue most new businesses encounter. Professional web development companies are no exception. Do you have enough capital start up your own business?

Create a model where you can map out your financial plan. This will include how income from clients, startup and ongoing business expenses.

Start your Business

Do not dive in without conducting research so you will have an idea how business work and how you will approach it. If you are already confident enough with your knowledge and experience, then you can start your web development company. But if you’re not, you can continue saving money by doing freelance work or optimizing your website. You can also acquire more marketing skills in the meantime and broaden your network of clients.

Gradually building up your business is completely fine (and safer). Go at your own pace. If you feel that it is still too risky, do not jump into it yet. Consider situation, responsibilities, and resources to determine if it is already the appropriate time.


Your Company’s Beginnings

It always starts humbly, you probably won’t have enough money to hire employees right away and you will be doing everything by yourself. This is fine as well. You may outsource work, and establish partnerships until you’re capable of hiring employees to expand your web development company.

It is also important to change your mindset. At this point you are not only a web developer, but also the boss of your company. Most of your day will be spent doing this type of work , and you will have more responsibilities.

The point is that you will no longer be doing tasks you have been previously doing as a web developer. As a web developer, you never had to worry about managing your company because you were only an employee or a freelance worker so there were lesser things at stake. Now that you are a company owner, your job is to attract new clients and make sure they stay. You need to learn how to communicate and accommodate the different personalities of your employees and customers.

The success of your company now lies in your hands, so you have to strategize more wisely and carefully. Just remember the points we mentioned in this article and the ambition that made you start your web development company and you will be a success!


In A World Ruled By Social Media, Email is still King

When we think about promoting our brand and services on the Internet, what comes to mind first?

“Let’s start making ourselves known on Facebook! Or Twitter! Or other websites with a lot of people in it!”


That’s great! A social media campaign is one of the best ways of reaching out to people–granted that you do know what you’re doing. It is the go-to marketing method if your aim is to make an impression, a persona for your brand. What makes this highly effective especially in more modern times is that it lets you to build relationships with your customers better. And today’s society, people value authenticity when it comes to engaging with businesses.

That, and the sheer size of the population of users is nothing to laugh at.

Reaching your Customers Through Social Media

But there’s a little problem going on with social media right now. It’s getting harder to reach out to its users through natural, “organic” ways. Facebook, for instance, has been making a few updates on what appears on people’s newsfeeds. Entrepreneurs will have a harder time getting their names more visibility without resorting to paid advertising. Bit of a cunning move on Facebook’s end, if you ask me. Kudos to them.

But if you’re a smart businessman/woman, you know that there are other kinds of digital marketing out there. You don’t have to rely on social media alone. There’s SEO, affiliate marketing, pay-per-clicks…

…and then there are emails.


“But email is so outdated! Everyone and their mothers use Facebook for everything these days.”

Using Emails for Marketing

Now hold on. An email marketing campaign still holds a lot of merit–more than you might expect. There is still a large number of people in the world who don’t have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or other similar sites. That’s a demographic that you should tap into.

According to CustomerThink, an email is six times more likely to have a higher click-through rate than a tweet or FB post. More people also prefer to receive content through this manner too.

It was also stated that it’s 40 times (FORTY!) more effective at gaining new customers. Truly a master at lead generation.

Another plus point of email marketing is that it allows you to send more personalized messages to your customers. It’s more likely to be read than something you see while scrolling down your newsfeed.

So don’t underestimate the power of emails! Instead of using only social media, why not implement both methods into your digital marketing plan? Attract people into signing up for your newsletter mailing lists. A good marketer will always make the most of the Internet’s potential, after all.