Why You Should Trust Outsourcing For Your Customer Service Needs

With the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry flourishing, the possibilities are endless. The kinds of services they can provide businesses with grow in number. Digital marketing, search engine optimization, virtual assistance – almost any need that small to medium enterprises may be having trouble with or need help with, they can attend to for manageable rates.

Outsourcing is definitely a blessing for these smaller companies. A particular favorite among companies when it comes to outsourcing is customer service.

Customer service is a vital aspect in keeping customers happy and, more importantly, making sure they come back. With such an important role, business owners may be worried about leaving this area to an outsourcing company.

Will it affect quality? How will I keep watch over these employees? It’s only understandable for you to be concerned and to want to make sure that you’re handing this crucial business aspect in good hands.

To help you calm your fears, here are some reasons that you shouldn’t be afraid of outsourcing your customer service needs.

Quality Isn’t Sacrificed Despite the Lower Rates

In fact, it’s more likely to be improved. Trained agents are specially assigned to handle queries and comments. You can be sure that customers are answered efficiently. not to mention in a “customer-friendly” way that’s warm and inviting. This makes your customers feel valued, a must if you want them to keep coming back.

Is that still not enough to mitigate your fear of quality getting sacrificed? Know that a study by consulting agency KPMG actually found that among 490 contracts (notably worth £10 billion), the main reason for the outsourcing was that they were after the quality of the work done, not because of the lower cost.

Proper Monitoring Remains

Most companies prefer in-house staff primarily because they want to be able to keep an eye on things at all times. This is also the reason that companies are wary of leaving customer service to outsourcing. This is despite it being the better choice cost-wise. They feel that they’ll lose control of things.

It is true that compared to physical staff, these outsourced agents leave you with less control. Keep in mind, however, that there are technological advances available to us today. We are able to keep up with your customer service agents as easily as with an in-house team. There are a lot of chat and project management tools available online to help business owners/managers watch over progress real time.

Language Isn’t Really an Issue

There is another thing that holds companies back from going with outsourcing for their customer service needs. They are concerned with the agents’ accents and overall grasp of the English language. This might make it difficult for the agent and customer to communicate.

To avert this, most go-to outsourcing hotspots like the Philippines are full of agents that can speak English with moderate accents at the least and can understand US English as well as any native.

By leaving your customer service needs to an outsourcing company, you not only give yourself more time to focus on other business matters or cut cost. You also improve your company’s relationship with customers. And this, we all know, is a great way to gain their loyalty.

Companies shouldn’t shy away from customer service outsourcing. As long as you get a reliable company to provide you with these services, then you can be assured that your company and its relationship with customers are in safe hands.

What Does Web Writing Have to Do With SEO?

web-writingSuccessful search engine optimization relies heavily on content. Aside from dictating the quality of your site as a whole, good website writing, as Search Engine Land puts it, is a solid foundation for all other optimization efforts.

Why Exactly does Content Matter in SEO?

It Sets you Apart

We live in a time where almost nothing can be considered original anymore, especially when it comes to trade.

For most businesses, whatever one is selling or may offer services in, chances are, there are at least three other companies within a mile’s radius offering the same. This is where the importance of how you sell something that’s already out there comes in.

You can’t deny the existence of these other options, so the best step is to make sure your offer stands out. You have to get customers to choose your ad from the others. What better way to do this than through words?

With creativity and wit, the most common items are possible success mines. All it takes is for you to keep your customer on your page for that few extra seconds, which is very much possible with a little humor or excitement.

Keywords are Everything

On a more technical note, keywords ultimately dictate whether your page shows up on results.

You have to know what a typical customer might type into that search box, and adjust your keywords accordingly.

It’s also important to note that you can’t just splash keywords all over the paragraph, that’d make you sound spammy and plain suspicious. You have to be able to incorporate those words into your copy and make it sound as natural as possible.

Keeps Things Fresh

Search engines, Google in particular, has this Query Deserved Freshness feature that updates results whenever there’s a big event or big news on the subject of the search.

If you Google ‘tank’ for example, on a regular day, you’ll be greeted by several results on what tanks are or by sites selling tanks. If you search that on, say, a day when a war is launched, you’ll probably get greeted by news on tanks attacking this and that area for the next few days or weeks.

With this, it’s important that copy creators ride on this feature to make sure that the keywords they include go with whatever big event or news is going on so that they’ll be included in the “fresher” results (given that your company’s relevant to that event or news, of course).

Vertical Search Results

Search results don’t just display sites, they also display news, images, videos, and even maps related to your search. These vertical search results allow for content that might have not made it as sites to still make it to search results.

Companies can take advantage of this “second chance” by producing content in these areas as well. A good video or infographic, maybe, could mean a world of difference for your visibility.

online-marketingDirect Answers

By providing your site with interesting, and more importantly, reliable content, you effectively build trust with your site.

When this happens, your content will become a direct answer, or will pop out under the search bar when someone searches for something that your content may be answering.
While this may seem like Google is stealing your traffic from you, research shows that it actually drives in traffic.

Aside from traffic, the fact that Google lists your content as a direct answer will make your page appear more reliable, making people more likely to click on your ad.

Content clearly has a crucial role to play in the success of a site, which is why before engaging in other SEO efforts, your search engine optimization service provider should also make sure that the content, aka the foundation, is well made and well laid out.