Responsibilities of a Chat Support Agent

Have you ever tried making a big (or small) purchase, only to find out upon getting the product that you actually don’t know how to make use of the product properly? Moments like these often cause overwhelming frustration among the customers.

It is during these moments of frustration that customers decide to either: a.) throw away the product or if they still have the patience or need the product so much, b.) they’ll chat customer support. We can definitely empathize with the customer because at one point in our lives, we’ve all probably experienced making a bad purchase that is followed by deep regret, too. But what does it mean to be on the other side of the coin?


What is a chat support agent? And what do they do exactly?

Respond to Queries and Update Customer Profile

This is perhaps a chat support agent’s most popular function. It is their responsibility to provide answers to questions and respond to complaints. Since customer support is done through chat, they should ensure that customers get their answers quickly and clearly.

Aside from shedding light on matters customers find confusing, it is also a customer support agent’s job to keep the customers’ records updated. This includes opening customers’ accounts and encoding the necessary information to ensure that the customer database stays up to date.

Build Customer Relationship

It’s not enough to just answer questions and attempt to make an enraged customer relax; of course, building a relationship with them is also necessary. It is part of a customer support agent’s job to identify and assess what their customers need. Of course, needless to say, it is also part of their job to provide customer satisfaction as much as possible.

Generate Sales

Of course, customer support is another form of marketing which aims to generate sales. While agents do not use direct marketing during calls, they are encouraged to help customers make purchasing decisions and introduce them to the latest products and services.

These are just three major job functions of chat support agents. There is more to being a chat support agent than just answering questions, keeping records updated and generating sales. Empathy, patience, and brand awareness are very important for this job.

As a chat support agent, you have to be keen on identifying what your customers want. The key to being a good chat support agent is being sensitive to your customers’ needs and exerting genuine effort as a representative of the brand to provide those needs.


Why Your Business Needs Content Video Marketing

Scrolling through your timeline, may it be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you see videos every after two posts. They are virtually present in every business aspect: in branding, advertising, and even customer engagement.


Videos are really just that great in accomplishing certain objectives. It’s no surprise that they are everyone’s favorite. So why shouldn’t you be using it for your marketing strategy? The answer is: there isn’t any reason! Instead, we’ll be giving you reasons on why you SHOULD be using it:

It’s Versatile

Whether it’s 5 seconds short or 15 minutes long, your videos should be able to entice your customers to watch.

Videos can be served to the viewer in a variety of ways. You can create simple videos with the sole purpose of getting noticed on social media daily, or maybe you can set a bigger production that will only be released at the end of the month.

A gold content video can earn you a huge amount of reach and conversions. With video marketing solutions, you can sell a product again and again without becoming stale at all.

It’s Entertaining

Everybody loves to watch videos. Most of us spend hours on YouTube, ending up on videos and channels we did not originally intend to watch, and honestly, that is how we discover new treasures and favorites.

It’s similar with content video marketing, customers may not know about your business, but they may arrive there organically if your content is relevant or through paid advertising. This is why it’s so important to produce videos that not only grab the customer’s attention, but strike them well enough that they’ll share the video. Which brings us to the next part.

It’s Engaging

You encounter a funny prank video or a clip of cute cats cuddling with each other. You tag your friends in the comments because you want them to see it as well. Because videos are moving images of real time events, they invoke strong emotional connection.

Viewers are more encouraged to comment or post an insight when the video presents them with something relatable, or something that will spark their curiosity. So when you post an informational video or a branding video, for example, people will be more interested to click or comment just with the fact that they are curious about what is going to happen in the video or that the video touches their life experiences.

It Increase Your Rankings

If you are truly dedicated to raising your SEO rankings, posting articles and images won’t be enough to do the trick; you have to incorporate videos as well.

Videos can dramatically drive traffic to your website given that it has been advertised on many platforms and provided that they are made to be very easily shareable. All you have to do is put links in the video and create a good landing page.

It Levels You With the Competition

Since businesses, both big and small, are posting video content on their websites and social media accounts, staying traditional and outdated will put you out of the scene.

Aside from that, when your visitors see that you are also producing videos, they will feel more secure knowing that your brand adapts to the demands of time. This is especially important in a generation with fast evolving technology.

With those benefits stated above, what’s there not to like about content video marketing? There’s definitely a lot more to gain than what is to spend time, money, and effort for. It doesn’t hurt to try! If you are doubtful, you can always consult an expert to help you out.

Generating Leads Through Google Adwords

Let’s be real. Promoting businesses on the Internet isn’t as rosy as they make it out to be. Sure, all the apps and tools you need are at your fingertips, but so are they to everyone else’s. Advertising on Google or Facebook sounds like a great plan until you realize that thousands–if not millions–of other marketers out there have the same brilliant idea as yours.


What you need is to gain an edge over your competitors. You need to generate more leads.

For the uninitiated, allow me to briefly explain what lead generation is: In a nutshell, it’s the process of catching the interest of potential customers.

There are many who dislike using Google Adwords because it’s quite difficult to make online business leads with it. One of the reasons it’s harder than usual is due to its stringent rules with ad quality. Even your landing pages are not safe; what’s acceptable with Facebook may not be so with good old Google.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make leads with it, however. It just takes a little bit more work than usual. Here a few ways to make the job easier for you:

Use Geotargeting

Does your business target the locals, or are you aiming for a global audience? Either way, targeting only certain areas can actually you generate more leads. Even better, you can edit your ads to include the names of cities and/or countries. Nothing catches the eye more than the name of the place they live in. Not only can you target more specific people, but you’ll also save more money on clicks.

Make Your Landing Page A Google-friendly One

Google is terribly strict when it comes to quality. In fact, hundreds of millions of ads are disabled yearly because they violate page policies.

If you want to make a landing page that meets Google’s standards, make sure that it follows their ad policy. “Simple” as that. Oh, and make sure the page is user-friendly too (although an unfriendly experience isn’t up to Google standards as well).

Consider Making One Ad Per Keyword

A common practice among advertisers is to assign several keywords to a single ad group. This actually makes it difficult to make keyword-relevant ads. Less relevant ads mean less people clicking on them, which means less leads. You might actually want to make one ad group for each keyword, as this allows you more room to make adverts more specific.


Again, doing all of these takes a lot of work, but know that they can yield better results. Some people have opted to hire a pro marketing agency to do the job for them, while others have gone for the inhouse DIY route. Which path will you take?

How to Create Better Customer Relationships Through Email Support

One of the most challenging parts of marketing is creating a strong relationship with your customers without being too intrusive. Yes, visibility and brand awareness is important but you can’t be too pushy on your campaign or else you’ll drive your customers away instead of attracting them towards your business. But what is “intrusive” supposed to mean?


One of the most challenging parts of marketing is creating a strong relationship with your customers without being too intrusive. Yes, visibility and brand awareness is important but you can’t be too pushy on your campaign or else you’ll drive your customers away instead of attracting them towards your business. But what is “intrusive” supposed to mean?

Well, intrusive can be a lot of things. One of the most common types of intrusive marketing is telemarketing. Customers generally hate it when they get a call from a marketer asking them to buy a certain type of cooking pan just as they’re about to dig in to their chips while watching their favourite tv series.

Thankfully for them, the era of calls from telemarketers is over. It has, however, helped pave the way for marketers who want to figure out ways for them to be less intrusive to their customers and be more efficient in advertising their product.

Email is one of the most widely-used but also non-intrusive forms of marketing nowadays. Here’s why it can be very effective for your business:

  1. Convenience- Your customers can freely say what they want without worrying about phone charges. They also don’t need to worry about other incoming calls not coming through because they’re busy talking to your customer service personnel through the phone. It’s easier and they can do it anytime they want to.
  2. It’s easy to make and utilize emails – Emails are easier for your customers as it allows them to organize their thoughts better, since they can freely say their complaints without the pressure of time. Not to mention that using email allows them to express how they feel without destroying their vocal cords from shouting.
  3. Buys you time to create a well-organized response to your customers’ complaints- Truth be told, it’s hard to predict all the questions and reactions you get from your customers. Some customers manage to keep their cool when saying how they feel or what they think. Unfortunately, there are instances when frustration takes over the customer, causing them to say things that one may consider a bit rash or offensive.

    Of course, you can’t fight fire with fire. In such case, you’ll need to create a well-organized response that will not only help your customer calm down, but also address their concern. This is much easier to do via email than through a phone call.

So who should do it for you? This is where a personal assistant company comes in. 

Email marketing is something that you can do on your own if you’re still managing a small business, but if your business is already selling a lot and an overwhelming number of emails are flooding your inbox every day, then it’s time you hand the email support job to someone else. Fortunately, this third party help doesn’t have to break the bank for you.

In fact, you can hand over the job to a third party where you only pay for the time spent by your virtual assistant in getting your email support job done for you. What is email support job you might ask?

Email support jobs in outsourcing basically means hiring someone to respond and monitor emails from your customers. This includes monitoring the quantity and assessing situations of every email to provide the best answer for your customers.


It allows you to save money, time, and effort in handling small tasks such as this, therefore giving you more time to manage bigger matters regarding your business. Email is the best way for you to create a healthy relationship with your customers without being intrusive.

If done right, it can attract more customers to your business.

How to do it right? Outsourcing. 

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Couldn’t resist the website trend and finally joined in? That’s great! Not getting the traffic you thought you’d be getting? That’s not so great. The good thing is that it’s fixable.


It’s typical for a recently-launched site to not have much activity going on initially, but if your site’s been up for a while and is still yet to gain a substantial amount of traffic, then you’re going to need to step up your game. Here’s how.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Gaining organic traffic takes time, and for you who may require action now, paying your way to a better spot is definitely a viable option.

The best thing about PPC is that you only pay for the clicks you get, making it a cost-friendly solution and available to virtually any business.

Note, however, that despite its nearly-utopic abilities to assist a business, it’s not as simple as paying for the ad and expecting tons of traffic to come flooding in. It requires effective copy and relevant keywords.

Link Building

While you may already have the relatively quicker solution that is PPC, you’re still going to need a solution that’ll bring you long-term benefits.

This is where link building comes in. It basically puts links to your site on other sites in order to increase its visibility, providing greater chances of clicks to your site and greater traffic. Similar to PPC, however, it’s not a magical answer to your problem.

Effective link building means placing links on reliable sites, not to mention strategizing their placement so as to not appear “spammy.” This may require extensive research and knowing what it means for a site to count as reliable.

Video Marketing

While the two aforementioned options are SEO solutions, this one is more on content development. It still, however, is about driving traffic to your site, this time using engaging video content.

A video marketing campaign is a popular trend nowadays, with nearly every business making use of it. Placing videos on your other pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) can actually help lure users into your site.


By providing interesting content that will entice users to visit your site; this method works the same way as the previous two, and also with the goal of getting more visitors for your site. Similarly, in order for this method to actually work, you need to provide the right material.

All of these methods are good and effective ways to improve your site traffic, but they all also require a certain level of expertise in order to be executed properly and to be effective. No matter what option you’re going to try, it’s best to have professionals work with you.

You don’t even have to get different companies for your different needs, no need for a separate link building services company, or PPC/video marketing experts. With the right digital marketing company, you’ll be able to outsource help for any one of these needs, or even all of them. Get in touch with one now and see how they can help improve traffic for your site.