Reasons Why Your Customer Services Might Be Failing

customer-supportIt’s basic for every entrepreneur to know that a business grows when it has satisfied customers. People who are happy with your products or services recommend you to their peers, write good reviews about you, and come back for more. This is why customer support services are a crucial aspect in operations. But not all companies are good at it. Why is that the case? There are multiple factors.

It’s Hard to Get in Touch

This may be because there aren’t enough channels for customers to reach you. If you are only available through e-mail, you can’t accommodate the vast majority of people who talk about your products on social media. Most successful companies use Facebook and Twitter to listen to and address concerns and inquiries from customers and potential customers alike.

Some also use chat support as a means of providing help to customers in real time. Having a forum thread on your website is also an excellent idea because 1) it creates a community of your customers who can help each other; 2) you can easily address the concerns of multiple people in a single thread because most likely, people will be having similar problems about your service or product.

You Don’t Have the Best Team

Customer service mishaps are easily documented and spread online by customers, and once they go viral, it means bad rep for your company. This is why you need to make sure that everyone in your customer support team is well-trained and prepared for any situation, especially when they encounter irate customers, and angry ones. If your support agent breaks and cusses in the middle of a conversation with a customer, word spreads easily.


How do you avoid this? Make sure to hire experts. You don’t have to hire an inhouse staff that will cost a lot to pay, and cost some time to train. A better solution is to find a digital marketing agency to partner with that has a good background on customer support.

Valuing Feedback

To value feedback is not just to listen to criticism, but to do something about it. Granted, not all comments and suggestions merit a response. You can’t please everybody. But you have to look out for the kind of feedback that makes sense and that will align with your company’s goals.

Also listen to your long-time customers. They’re the ones who deserve the most voice and they know which parts need improvement the most. A company that listens to its customers is a company that will keep those customers and earn their loyalty.
The takeaway from all this is simple. Customer service is not just about dealing with dissatisfaction. It’s about constant growth and prioritizing customers’ need. Business, after all, is about making sure your customers are happy.


Writing for Web the Right Way

Web writing, compared to other forms of writing, requires a unique approach as you have to keep readers interested as well as make sure they gain something from the material.

It’s easy to get carried away and veer off to one side of the spectrum; sometimes the writing may get too fun and casual, and the reader is drawn away from the point of the article, and other times, the writing may get too formal and technical, boring the reader away.

As difficult as it may seem to achieve a balance, there are ways to help achieve it, they’re pretty simple.

It Should Be Easy to Read


Readability is paramount, so it would be wise to stay away from heavy words and generally unfamiliar acronyms. This also entails sticking to one point per paragraph.

Ensuring that your articles and posts maintain an an upbeat and active voice helps to hold attention as well as help the reader play out the text in their minds and absorb the information easier. Additionally, it helps keep the yawns away. It is, after all, a website and not an encyclopedia.

It Should Be Easy to Navigate

Another thing you can do to keep things more reader-friendly is to put your material in sections with headers effectively summarizing your point. This not only helps ensure that you stick to one point per paragraph, but also makes it easier for the reader to see the main points of the article or post.

If the reader sees what the article is going to talk about, they’ll be able to better gauge their interest in the article. If they see that it’s something they are interested in, they’re sure to stay and finish it, and if they’re not, you will at least have at have gotten to present your point.

It Should Be as Concise as Possible


In relation to the two previous points on making sure the material is web audience-friendly, it’s another important pointer to keep material as short as possible (without impeding information, of course).

In addition to complicated words and digression, one big turn-off for web audiences is articles that seem to go on forever. The reader most likely went to your page for some quick answers to their concerns, and that’s what you should provide them, not a five paragraph essay on the background of your product, you can save that for a separate page.

It Should Sound as Natural as Possible

Make sure the reader knows that you, a fellow human being, wrote that text, not some generator bot. Remember that consumers nowadays are more responsive to human and personalized content, so keep things natural-sounding, like you’re speaking to someone from just another person’s point of view.

With that in mind, don’t randomly place links on the page that sound suspicious (i.e. “Click me”), it’s better to place links within the text. If happen to mention the service or a benefit of the product, then place the link there.

It Should Be Search Engine Optimized


This is a more technical (but still vital) aspect of web writing: making sure your content is written with the concept of how search engines are utilized in mind.

Strategically placing popular keywords within the content is particularly vital, and pays off big when done right as it helps boost your search engine result ranking organically, helping you earn the trust of potential customers.

Know that successful content writing for websites doesn’t have to be difficult, provided that you have the right people working on it.

For local businesses, it’s a good idea to outsource web writing needs to a reliable copywriting service in Davao. Not only are your web content needs taken care of, but they can also be incorporated into a larger online campaign with social media to help boost your presence.

Link Building Facts You Need to Know

Trust is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, link building is one area of SEO that you can efficiently and more effectively perform when you know how to earn the trust of search engines. Contrary to what one might initially imagine, the best link building strategies are actually those that that don’t seem to have been created for search engines.


Are you more confused or curious? Both? Okay. Let’s start from the basics.

Link building, according to everyone’s favourite Wikipedia, pertains to the “actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website”.

But the thing is, getting quality inbound links is just one tactic that can help you to rank better. There are other link building facts and strategies that SEO folks need to keep in mind if they want to get good results. Here are some of them:

Quantity is Important

Of course, numbers are essential in reaching virtually any marketing goal. Having a lot of websites that link back to your site helps you rank better. It establishes you as a trust-worthy source of information, especially if the number is quite substantial.

Quality Over Quantity

Despite the importance of numbers, however, one must always remember to keep things quality. It has become an common understanding that most well-established websites only link back to other websites that are also trust-worthy— this is the logic behind why citing trust-worthy sources will help you rank better. The more trust-worthy websites link from you, the bigger your chances at getting to the highly coveted first page of Google.


Ensure Editorial Placing of Links

Placing links in the footnote of your article will not help you reach your marketing goals. In order for those links to count, they must be placed in the body of the article. It is advised that links are placed in the relevant keywords located in the beginning, middle and end part of your article.

Relevance is Essential

Of course, you cannot link to a website about bicycles if your article is talking about flower arrangements. Your links must sound as natural and relevant as possible in order for them to have any value to search engines, and most importantly, to your potential customers.

If there’s anything these facts or strategies are telling us, it is that the best way to do link building is to make every link sound as natural as possible. Your link will work best if they look and sound like their presence in the article is necessary to prove a point.

Does link building sound far too complicated and technical for you to even begin considering going DIY? Just hand the task over to professionals or advertise on Google instead to make things easier and less time consuming for you.

Whichever path you choose for your link building campaign, whether you opt for Do-It-Yourself, SEO professionals, or Google Advertisements, remember that the best way to rank better in Google is not to just consider ranking better; in the game of SEO, relevance, truth and trust are the most important values to follow.

Things That Make Facebook Advertising Unique

facebookFacebook is where you can find the latest gossip in Hollywood and the most popular memes. Oh, and you can see what your high schools have been up to lately. It’s one of the social media platforms where you can literally spend hours on and still not get bored. But aside from entertaining individual users, it is also now becoming a growth-conducive channel for businesses.

‘Ads’ is the magic word for this. Facebook ads are one of the most effective types of paid content that has been helping businesses around the world. It is for the same reason that it has grown popular in the recent years and is now one of the platforms that businesses are planning to invest more on.

So what exactly makes Facebook ads unique? Here are some of the things that make Facebook Ads stand out.

You Can Work on a Budget

Unlike other types of advertising, you don’t have to have a lot to advertise on Facebook. You can advertise for $5 a day for a week and no one will judge you for it. You can reach a lot with this amount and, with the right strategy, you can gain traction for your business.

Ad Testing Is Easier

Of course, ad testing is still recommended for advertising business on Facebook. But since it’s a lot cheaper and more efficient, you can test ads without spending a lot. Since Facebook provides accurate and thorough reports on ad performance, it’s easier to know the feedback of their customers, current or potential.

People Usually Don’t Have Buying Intent

Let’s face it. When we log in to our Facebook account we usually don’t have the ads in mind. We usually think about the gossip we’re going to find or looking forward to connecting with our loved ones. People usually don’t have the buying intent when logging in to Facebook. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to persuade them to buy your products.


You Can Use Emojis

This isn’t the latest news, I know. But the mere fact that you can incorporate emojis into your ads shows how versatile Facebook and Facebook ads are. Adding them into the video or photo or even in the caption gives off a natural, friendly feel, instead of it sounding like a sales pitch.

You Can Choose Your Audience

This is one of the features of the Facebook Business Manager that make it so popular. You can select the audience of your ad according to age, gender, location, interests, and so much more. This saves you the time and money since you won’t have to advertise to people who wouldn’t be interested in what you offer.

Facebook can offer a lot for businesses. With the right business social media strategy, you can gain traction and become a popular destination. And with a good brand image and a competent social media team to implement the strategies, you’ll be seeing your sales increase in no time.