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How To Do PPC The Right Way

Venturing into pay per click advertising can be a daunting decision for small or startup businesses, but once it’s successful, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment. Know, however, that you won’t make the perfect PPC ad on your first try. It requires a significant amount of knowledge and experience, but there is a way to separate a good PPC ad from a bad one. Here are some tips to help you avoid a failed PPC campaign.

business-meetingStart With a Concrete Plan

Before you even start going on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Facebook, you have to formulate a plan for your ads.

What is the goal of your ads? To get conversions? Clicks? Raise brand awareness? Marketing lead generation? By rounding up your goal for your campaign, your materials will be created specifically to achieve that goal, and not to just generally appeal to your audience.

Identify Your Target Audience

Let’s be realistic, there are millions of users on the internet. Although it would be nice to have all of them buy your products, it’s simply not realistic. Your best bet would be to find those people who are most likely to do so, specifically audiences that are within your business area.

Fortunately, Google AdWords has targeting features that allow you to pinpoint audiences by gender, age, location, interests, income, occupation, and etc. So if your main audience is women aged 30-40 in New York, you can simply adjust the settings so that your ads will display to those people.

Use the Right Keywords

It’s also important to understand your customers’ behavior and decision-making process. What would make them click your ad? What would people be searching when they’re looking for your product or service?

You can also try adding the location you’re targeting. For example, “spa New York”, or “affordable spas New York”. Do some keyword research to find out which keywords would be most effective and worth bidding in.

websiteCreate an Optimized Landing Page

After you’ve successfully led your target audience to click on your ad, your next job now is to retain them and compel them to convert. How do you do that? With an optimized landing page.

An ideal landing page looks attractive, and more importantly, matches your branding. When a visitor arrives at your page, they should be able to have an idea on what it is about. The pages should be easily navigable. It should be convenient enough to use for your audience that they won’t be confused where to go.

It’s ideal to create a landing page for your campaigns. When the ad encourages them to sign up for an account, the link should lead them to the account setup page. That way, it’s easy for them to perform the action you wanted them to do.

Experiment With Different Strategies

Practice makes perfect. Luckily, you aren’t without guidance because you have the analytics available at your disposal. With analytics, you can see which strategies you employed in your campaigns worked well and which didn’t. This will allow you to tweak your campaign to make sure it’s at its best, and it can also help you improve the future ones.


Launching a successful campaign definitely isn’t easy, and for the busy business owner, it can be quite time-consuming to maintain them as well. One pro tip is to outsource your PPC campaign management to a trusted digital marketing company.


How to Make Efficient Google Ad Campaigns

Google Adwords can be incredibly useful for your business when you are trying to getch fresh leads or looking to increase your conversation rate. However, being successful with Adwords doesn’t mean just signing up and paying; crafting an effective campaign involves deliberate planning and studying of the tool and your target audience. Especially for a beginner, it can be quite confusing. Luckily, these helpful tips can keep your ad campaigns on track:

Use Proper Targeting

The goal of your ad is not to sell to the general, broad-ranged audience, but to reel in customers that will most likely purchase your product or service. With Google Adwords, you can choose the audience to whom your ads will appear to.


To use this effectively, you have to first identify your target market’s demographic factors such as age, location, gender, income, interests, etc. Not only will it help boost effectiveness, it’s going to help you narrow down your spending as well since you’re targeting a specific audience.

Now that you’ve identified your target audience, you have to know what materials appeal to them. The best way to achieve that is to put yourself in their shoes. Do they talk in a particular language? What would make you buy that product or service? Think of an irresistible offer or an interesting benefit.

Include a Call to Action

A piece of ad copy is not complete without a call to action. There’s no use being figurative with your ads. Be direct and tell your audience what to do. A good call to action may be just what the audience needs to encourage them to buy or avail of a service.

Optimized Landing Page

web-developmentAfter compelling your customers to click your ad, your task now is to get them to go through with a transaction. An attractive ad will be rendered useless with an unoptimized landing page. You have to make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for. If the ad campaign is about shoes on sale, then there must be a landing page dedicated for it.

An ideal website should be navigable without trouble and the layout must look professional and in line with your brand. If you do not have optimized web design and development, you can hire a professional web designer to do the job for you.

Test Your Campaigns

Google Analytics will give you access to valuable ad data such as the performance of each campaign. Realistically, no ad campaign will be perfect on the first try. The key is constant testing and analysis of your data. The data not making any sense to you? You can ask assistance from a Google or SEO expert.

Make it Mobile Friendly

mobile-websiteThe number of mobile users is more vast than you think. Remember that mobile devices are more convenient, and people use such devices when they’re on commute, trying to get rid of boredom, or lulling their selves to sleep. You have to take advantage of that window of opportunity to target them with your ads.

Be prepared before launching your first Google Ad campaign by following these tips. Were you able to follow them all? Ad efficiency is not limited by what’s mentioned above, maybe you’ve discovered useful tips of your own. Don’t hesitate to share them with us!

Why Professional Assistance Is Still the Better Choice

Online resources on various topics are growing more and more DIY-friendly. From matters such as how you can create your own cosmetics with kitchen ingredients to fixing computer bugs, whatever online users want to learn about, they can do so themselves thanks to the internet.


Similarly, in the business world, a lot of smaller enterprises choose to approach some digital marketing needs the same way. They set up their pages by themselves, set up their ads by themselves, and most commonly, produce the material by themselves.

While doing so is all well, it’s important to recognize that there are more efficient ways to meet these business needs, especially for start-ups who need not only a good social media presence, but a more effective website as well. That can be done through outsourcing your online marketing to a reliable digital marketing firm.

Ensures Better Website Experience for Your Customers

More Personalized

web-developmentSome of the most impressionable websites out there are those that are highly personalized and fit extremely well with the company’s branding. The more unique and full of personality (that is, with little quirks unique to your brand) your website is, the more likely people are going to remember you when they’re in a buying mood.

Personalizing something as technical as web development and design isn’t that simple, and going down the DIY route makes you more prone to spend a huge amount of time on one single thing if you’re not well-versed in it.

More Responsive

Another vital aspect of a website is how responsive it is – responsive in the sense that it adapts to different browsers and devices without any issue – user experience, after all, should be prioritized if you want to encourage customers to come back.
Responsive web design doesn’t come easy, and as with everything else that deals with development, updates come like clockwork and even if you’re skilled at development, if you’re running a business at the same time, it may be difficult to keep up. By leaving these matters to an outsourced team, all you’ll have to worry about is the business side of things.

Ensures Better Quality Content

More Thought Into the Copy

Virtual Assistant Content-wise, placing careful thought is a must. Content is basically the meat of things, and consumers today more than ever are easy to spot subpar content, and they aren’t forgiving. With that, you can go all out all you want on the different aspects of your website, but if you aren’t able to produce content that speaks to the customer, it won’t do much in terms of conversion.

It’s given that you’re very much able to produce quality content, but if someone’s running a business as well, the risk of the business owner being too drained or too busy with business matters to attend to producing content will always be there.

More Consistent Posts

In relation to being attentive to posts, an outsourced team also helps ensure that posts are consistent. This is important in making sure that customers know the page is active and updated.

When customers know your page is active and that it regularly posts updates, they’re more likely to tune in to your posts for promos and events as well as make it their go-to area for things such as promos and customer feedback, making for better opportunity to build a relationship with them.

Ensures Better Marketing Strategy


Undoubtedly the best part of professional assistance, especially when it comes to digital marketing, is the updated knowledge on and experience in the field.

With marketing, as well as website development, and being quite temperamental a lot of the time, it would definitely help the business owner to sleep more soundly at night knowing that their website and other digital marketing needs are being attended to by a reliable team.

Business owners would be glad to know that they don’t have to focus on investing in just the best web development company or just an experienced team of writers one at a time; with the right firm, access to quality work by experts can be attained more conveniently through a single company.

Why You Should Work With a Local SEO Company

Building an online presence that’ll encourage potential customers to get to know your brand is definitely not an easy task. With the time and effort it takes to create materials as well as manage the channels, not to mention note updates on online trends, leaving the job to people who are more experienced marketing-wise is understandably the smarter thing to do.

Contrary to the notion that only large-scale and more established companies should work with professional agencies, start-ups and small to medium enterprises can actually benefit quite a lot as well, especially if it’s a local SEO company.


Better Brand Awareness

For smaller businesses, local customers are definitely the fans that you want. Not only are local customers more likely to turn you into one of their go-to spots, but you’re able to better establish your brand as an authority.

When you’re able to successfully brand yourself as a reliable figure that customers can trust when it comes to say, automotive products, clothes, vegan dining, whatever your business is in, creating a following comes much easier.

Better Understanding of Local Customers

Local business success is clearly largely dependent on success with the customers in a particular area, as such customers are typically the ones who provide the most reliable return on investment. In order to make an impression on these customers, understanding their needs, preferred language, and even online quirks is key.

What better way to make an impression with locals than with an SEO company, right? It’s one thing to work with experts in the SEO field, but it’s another to have the added advantage of the experts being locals themselves. By actually understanding what they want as locals themselves, the strategy will be more in tune with what works for your local customers.

Better Incorporation With Your Overall Online Marketing Strategy

If you’re working on other online marketing efforts as well, such as a PPC campaign or social media marketing, your SEO provider can make sure important factors such as your keywords can be take into consideration so that you’re overall online campaign maintains a single direction.

With all your different strategies working together toward a single goal, you’re set for a much stronger impact on your target market.

Better Priced Compared to Other SEO Options

Business owners are always worried about what getting professional assistance will cost them, but it all really boils down to the SEO company you choose; remember that you don’t have to shell out a lot for quality services, it’s all about choosing a reliable company that’s flexible when it comes to working with budgets.

Better yet, with the right agency, you may be able to avail of other digital marketing services without having to hire services from a separate PPC agency or social media management team.


There are more benefits that come with a reliable SEO service provider, and the best way to experience the benefits is to let your business give it a go. You may be surprised at how the benefits go beyond technical matters like SEO and help you with things like your branding as well.

Things To Keep In Mind With PPC

The power of PPC is something that businesses can’t ignore. If you’re looking to make sales quickly, investing in paid advertising is usually recommended. Paid ads are also helpful if you want to promote during a limited time period, like a Christmas or a Black Friday sale.

Compared to SEO, it takes considerably less time for you to start seeing results. But that doesn’t make the work any easier. That’s why many business owners make use of pay per click advertising services to save them the trouble.


But even if you’re getting someone else do the dirty work, it never hurts to have some knowledge on how to make your paid campaigns more successful, right? Here’s a couple things to keep in mind:

Always Do Your Research on Keywords

Using the right and relevant keywords for your ads ensures that people will be able to see your ads in the search results. Take the time to study long-tail search terms. Commonly used keywords for your brands and products tend to have too much competition.

For example, if you’re running a car rental company, don’t settle for keywords like “rent a car” and “car rentals”. You’ll be fighting with thousands of other car rental businesses. Instead, try those that include where you are, like “rent a car in Brooklyn” or “budget car rentals in West End”.

Keyword research tools are extremely useful in this aspect since most of them also let you check on what your competitors are using.

Make Good Use of Geolocation

Although often ignored by many advertisers, geolocating is a very useful tool to target local or international customers. Instead of indiscriminately advertising to every user in the world, you can have your ads displayed only at particular regions of your choosing. You can take it further and set the hours for when you want your ads to appear the most. This lets you save more of your budget on clicks.

Work on Your Ad Copy

Good copywriting is a must if you want to make the most out of your paid ads. You only have a limited number of characters to work with, so you have to make every word count. Make sure to be clear and concise with your message and include relevant terms. Don’t forget to use calls-to-action. You can also include your business’s contact numbers if you have any–which you should in the first place.

It’s Not Always About the Clicks

One thing you should always remind yourself is that with PPC campaigns, getting people to click on your ads is not your end goal. Yes, getting clicks can be good, but remember that you’re paying for each click. Producing conversions is what you should be focusing on. As much as possible, you should turn every click into a sale. And if you don’t get clicks or sales? Well, at least your brand gets exposure. Your name will be easier to remember next time.


So whether or not you hired a personal assistant company to do your pay per click ads for you, knowledge on PPC is always good to have. You’ll never know when you’ll find yourself making use of it.

Using Location to Maximize Foot Traffic for Your Business

Some local brick and mortar businesses—physical stores like gyms, restaurants, and clothes shops—need a boost in foot traffic in real life, and luckily for this generation, one of the ways to get there is to acquire site traffic first. It doesn’t necessarily mean people have to see your website before they’ll be able to visit your store, but the exposure your brand gets online helps. This exposure could take the form of social media presence or a PPC campaign, both of which various business owners get a personal virtual assistant to handle.


In 2017, Google Maps’ ad traffic was on a constant rise thanks to the “get location details” click type. Why should this news matter to you as an entrepreneur? Well, for one your business definitely needs the internet’s support because these days, people do their research online before they decide to buy your products or try your services.

So if you’re set out to get more foot traffic while trying your hand at PPC, this article is for you. Here’s why you should setup location information to acquire more visitors to your physical store.

1. Search Intent Is Becoming More Local

With technology offering advanced tools like Google Earth and Maps, it’s no wonder people decide to ask search engines where their local barber shop or deli is. But research has shown that people are only willing to visits shops near their location.

According to Access, people are willing to travel around 8 to 12 minutes for restaurants, gyms, and grocery shops, 13 to 16 minutes for car shops and salons, and 17 to 20 minutes for cinemas and clothes shops. Of course, that’s not to say people won’t be willing to visit your store.


One of the ways you can assure customers will walk in to your shop is through by making your location information easy to find. You can do this by using addresses, cross streets, and maps to show your location.

Since you can’t control Google’s algorithm, if you don’t appear on the first page, provide links that can make your store easier to find. The easier people are able to find your physical shop through visuals like Maps, the more likely they’ll be interested in visiting.

2. Addresses Can Be Simple Enough to Comprehend, and Easier for Users to Visualize

Sure, addresses are easy to understand. As a searcher though, instead of finding Panama Street, it’s more convenient to know the ice cream parlor on Panama Street is around 5 miles away from your current location. It also helps to let customers know they only have to walk or ride for 10 minutes to get to your shop from where they are.

Additionally, you can include landmarks near your area to help customers. Convenient for customers; good for your business.

3. Google Might Start Monetizing Maps’ Ad Traffic

Because Google Maps’ ad traffic continues to rise, marketers deploy location extensions on their Google PPC campaigns and don’t necessarily have to do much. However, because mobile searches are significantly higher than tablet and desktop searches, mobile maps traffic is more expensive than other search traffic.

On a more specific note, using location extensions on Google AdWords increases the chances of in-store purchases rather than online conversions. So this is the best method for brick and mortar businesses should they need more customers to walk in to their physical shops.

PPC-ChartLocations play a powerful role when it comes to brick and mortar businesses. It can help get more people walk into your shop, and increase the chances of real-life purchases. This is a method any PPC advertising service provider can assist you with, should you need more visitors to your store. And when in doubt, go ahead and experiment until you find the right strategies for your PPC campaign.

Simple Ways You Can Boost Your Campaign’s Effectiveness

When it comes to creating a good and effective online marketing campaign, there are no shortcuts. There are, however, strategies to make your efforts more impactful on your audience as well as save you a lot of cost. Here are some tips.

1 – Make Use of Video

In this day and age of marketing, people aren’t as entertained by simple text ads anymore, and even plain, static images are becoming less interesting to them.

With that, the rise of more dynamic material should be considered by your marketing team via the regular inclusion of videos in your marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be an over-the-top production; simple yet well-produced how-to videos or turning your image concepts into GIFs can add a lot of spice to your campaign content.


Moreover, videos have proven helpful in boosting audience engagement and conversion rates. More sales and more a more active customer following – who wouldn’t want that?

2 – Don’t Be Afraid of Paid Ads

In a perfect world, organically achieved clicks and audiences would be easier to garner. Unfortunately, considering factors such as algorithm changes on popular platform feeds and the reality that users encounter dozens of different material on their feeds each day, a little paid assistance is needed now and again.

It doesn’t have to be a negative thing, though, as brands everywhere, whether large, corporation scale or small enterprise level, are using them, and for good reason as well. Sponsored content isn’t simply about appearing on more feeds, it helps you appear on the right feeds as well thanks to targeting options. So if you need more exposure with your desired market so you can start building that customer following, using paid ads is a smart option.


3 – Cross Post and Cross Share

If you have what you feel is very potent material on one of your channels (assuming that you have pages on more than one social media platform, which you should), then make sure you share them on the others.

Again, it’s not simply about increasing exposure (although it’s still great), it’s about making sure more of the right people see your content. What if your next customer was looking for that promo of yours on Instagram? Each sale is important, and so is each missed one.

4 – Look to Outsourcing Services

With matters such as marketing, it’s always best to leave things to experts who have previous experience with campaigns under their belt. Not just to make sure that things go smoother, but to help make things less costly since their experience allows you to be spared from typical DIY campaign mistakes.


Contrary to what one might think, start-ups and smaller enterprises shouldn’t have to be excluded from the benefits of professional assistance. Going with outsourced services from a reliable digital marketing company is your best bet as it’s less costly than a full time in-house team, but you get the same benefits.

From exploring the realm of local video marketing to going with outsourcing services, proper strategizing is key in achieving the results you want with your campaign, and with the right partner, it doesn’t even have to cost too much.