Ways to Become an Effective Chat Customer Support Representative

With the continuous growth of the internet as a platform for communication and expression, its functions have also spanned into business development. It has now become easier for businesses to reach their customers and vice versa.

Communication is easier, transmission of message from businesses to the general public is much faster, and creativity is now an incredible necessity more than ever. What’s more interesting is that the internet has made it possible for customers to privately reach companies and get quick response. This is done through chat customer support.

But with the amount of liberty that comes with being on the internet, how can you make sure that you’re doing customer support right through chat?


Product Knowledge Is Important

It is important for a chat customer support representative to know the ins and outs of your business and the products that you sell. Remember that chat is, in most cases, time-sensitive and having good product knowledge can definitely help you resolve issues or cases faster.

Honesty Is Important

“Customers are always right” is easily one of the most popular phrases that’s about business development and dealing with customers. And while it has some truth to it, this doesn’t mean that chat customer support representatives should become yes-men to customers.

When what a customer is asking isn’t feasible, it is important to tell them the truth. Further delay in telling the truth may cause even more damage than help.

Lean on the Positives

This is connected to telling the truth to customers in case that their request is just not possible for whatever reason. Remember that empathizing with your customers is very important. They are reaching out to you because they have their own concerns and this is often accompanied by feelings of frustration or worry.

No matter what the truth is, try to compose your message in such a way that is leaning towards the positives. Come up with suggestions for the next course of action that your customers can take. Make sure to leave them with a solution or a suggestion by the end of your chat.

Set a Target Response Time

As mentioned above, chat customer support is time-sensitive. Make sure to set a target response time for your time to ensure that all messages do not go unanswered, or worse, unnoticed for a very long period of time.

Learn to Adapt to Your Customers

When something does not work as they expected, expect that there will be a certain level of confusion, worry or anger when they reach out to you. This is why it is important for you to be sensitive and carefully assess the present disposition of your customer before sending a reply. Assess whether you should strictly give a professional response or if it’s safe enough to incorporate humor into your answer. Either way, remember to be human and empathize with your customers.

At the end of the day, the key to successful chat customer support is really to be a human being who’s willing to help solve the problems of another human being. Remember that the goal is to help eradicate confusion and show concern from the business to its customers.


Responsibilities of a Chat Support Agent

Have you ever tried making a big (or small) purchase, only to find out upon getting the product that you actually don’t know how to make use of the product properly? Moments like these often cause overwhelming frustration among the customers.

It is during these moments of frustration that customers decide to either: a.) throw away the product or if they still have the patience or need the product so much, b.) they’ll chat customer support. We can definitely empathize with the customer because at one point in our lives, we’ve all probably experienced making a bad purchase that is followed by deep regret, too. But what does it mean to be on the other side of the coin?


What is a chat support agent? And what do they do exactly?

Respond to Queries and Update Customer Profile

This is perhaps a chat support agent’s most popular function. It is their responsibility to provide answers to questions and respond to complaints. Since customer support is done through chat, they should ensure that customers get their answers quickly and clearly.

Aside from shedding light on matters customers find confusing, it is also a customer support agent’s job to keep the customers’ records updated. This includes opening customers’ accounts and encoding the necessary information to ensure that the customer database stays up to date.

Build Customer Relationship

It’s not enough to just answer questions and attempt to make an enraged customer relax; of course, building a relationship with them is also necessary. It is part of a customer support agent’s job to identify and assess what their customers need. Of course, needless to say, it is also part of their job to provide customer satisfaction as much as possible.

Generate Sales

Of course, customer support is another form of marketing which aims to generate sales. While agents do not use direct marketing during calls, they are encouraged to help customers make purchasing decisions and introduce them to the latest products and services.

These are just three major job functions of chat support agents. There is more to being a chat support agent than just answering questions, keeping records updated and generating sales. Empathy, patience, and brand awareness are very important for this job.

As a chat support agent, you have to be keen on identifying what your customers want. The key to being a good chat support agent is being sensitive to your customers’ needs and exerting genuine effort as a representative of the brand to provide those needs.