Reasons Why Your Customer Services Might Be Failing

customer-supportIt’s basic for every entrepreneur to know that a business grows when it has satisfied customers. People who are happy with your products or services recommend you to their peers, write good reviews about you, and come back for more. This is why customer support services are a crucial aspect in operations. But not all companies are good at it. Why is that the case? There are multiple factors.

It’s Hard to Get in Touch

This may be because there aren’t enough channels for customers to reach you. If you are only available through e-mail, you can’t accommodate the vast majority of people who talk about your products on social media. Most successful companies use Facebook and Twitter to listen to and address concerns and inquiries from customers and potential customers alike.

Some also use chat support as a means of providing help to customers in real time. Having a forum thread on your website is also an excellent idea because 1) it creates a community of your customers who can help each other; 2) you can easily address the concerns of multiple people in a single thread because most likely, people will be having similar problems about your service or product.

You Don’t Have the Best Team

Customer service mishaps are easily documented and spread online by customers, and once they go viral, it means bad rep for your company. This is why you need to make sure that everyone in your customer support team is well-trained and prepared for any situation, especially when they encounter irate customers, and angry ones. If your support agent breaks and cusses in the middle of a conversation with a customer, word spreads easily.


How do you avoid this? Make sure to hire experts. You don’t have to hire an inhouse staff that will cost a lot to pay, and cost some time to train. A better solution is to find a digital marketing agency to partner with that has a good background on customer support.

Valuing Feedback

To value feedback is not just to listen to criticism, but to do something about it. Granted, not all comments and suggestions merit a response. You can’t please everybody. But you have to look out for the kind of feedback that makes sense and that will align with your company’s goals.

Also listen to your long-time customers. They’re the ones who deserve the most voice and they know which parts need improvement the most. A company that listens to its customers is a company that will keep those customers and earn their loyalty.
The takeaway from all this is simple. Customer service is not just about dealing with dissatisfaction. It’s about constant growth and prioritizing customers’ need. Business, after all, is about making sure your customers are happy.