Why Professional Assistance Is Still the Better Choice

Online resources on various topics are growing more and more DIY-friendly. From matters such as how you can create your own cosmetics with kitchen ingredients to fixing computer bugs, whatever online users want to learn about, they can do so themselves thanks to the internet.


Similarly, in the business world, a lot of smaller enterprises choose to approach some digital marketing needs the same way. They set up their pages by themselves, set up their ads by themselves, and most commonly, produce the material by themselves.

While doing so is all well, it’s important to recognize that there are more efficient ways to meet these business needs, especially for start-ups who need not only a good social media presence, but a more effective website as well. That can be done through outsourcing your online marketing to a reliable digital marketing firm.

Ensures Better Website Experience for Your Customers

More Personalized

web-developmentSome of the most impressionable websites out there are those that are highly personalized and fit extremely well with the company’s branding. The more unique and full of personality (that is, with little quirks unique to your brand) your website is, the more likely people are going to remember you when they’re in a buying mood.

Personalizing something as technical as web development and design isn’t that simple, and going down the DIY route makes you more prone to spend a huge amount of time on one single thing if you’re not well-versed in it.

More Responsive

Another vital aspect of a website is how responsive it is – responsive in the sense that it adapts to different browsers and devices without any issue – user experience, after all, should be prioritized if you want to encourage customers to come back.
Responsive web design doesn’t come easy, and as with everything else that deals with development, updates come like clockwork and even if you’re skilled at development, if you’re running a business at the same time, it may be difficult to keep up. By leaving these matters to an outsourced team, all you’ll have to worry about is the business side of things.

Ensures Better Quality Content

More Thought Into the Copy

Virtual Assistant Content-wise, placing careful thought is a must. Content is basically the meat of things, and consumers today more than ever are easy to spot subpar content, and they aren’t forgiving. With that, you can go all out all you want on the different aspects of your website, but if you aren’t able to produce content that speaks to the customer, it won’t do much in terms of conversion.

It’s given that you’re very much able to produce quality content, but if someone’s running a business as well, the risk of the business owner being too drained or too busy with business matters to attend to producing content will always be there.

More Consistent Posts

In relation to being attentive to posts, an outsourced team also helps ensure that posts are consistent. This is important in making sure that customers know the page is active and updated.

When customers know your page is active and that it regularly posts updates, they’re more likely to tune in to your posts for promos and events as well as make it their go-to area for things such as promos and customer feedback, making for better opportunity to build a relationship with them.

Ensures Better Marketing Strategy


Undoubtedly the best part of professional assistance, especially when it comes to digital marketing, is the updated knowledge on and experience in the field.

With marketing, as well as website development, and being quite temperamental a lot of the time, it would definitely help the business owner to sleep more soundly at night knowing that their website and other digital marketing needs are being attended to by a reliable team.

Business owners would be glad to know that they don’t have to focus on investing in just the best web development company or just an experienced team of writers one at a time; with the right firm, access to quality work by experts can be attained more conveniently through a single company.


Going Local: Outsourcing Inside Davao

It has become the “in” thing for many businesses these days to source out work to companies. Aside from being potentially cheaper, they also save your time and energy for your more important business-related tasks. This way, your business becomes more by doing less.It has become the “in” thing for many businesses these days to source out work to companies. Aside from being potentially cheaper, they also save your time and energy for your more important business-related tasks. This way, your business becomes more by doing less.

Even here in the Philippines–in Davao no less–many businesses have opted to hire BPO firms for jobs that they need to do but can’t. Graphic design, content writing, web development, customer service–you name it, BPO companies have got it.

So, fellow Davaoeño, are you looking for a BPO to outsource to? Don’t look elsewhere, stick to a Davao based outsourcing company instead.

Aside from the rapidly booming BPO industry here in Davao, here are several good reasons to go local:

1. It’s Cheaper

Hiring foreign companies can cost lot of money. It’s quite well known even outside the outsourcing world that the Philippines has low labor costs compared to many well-known countries with BPOs.

But just because service costs less doesn’t mean there is less quality.

And, let’s face it, the world has always had a volatile economy. Better to save those dollars and spend your pesos here, right? Because if you do so:

2. You’ll Be Helping the Locals in Your Own Little Way

Local BPOs aren’t just helping you–you’re helping them out too. BPO employees work long hours and many spend their holidays in the office. A lot of outsourcers make a lot of sacrifices to ensure a better future for their family.

When they get a job from a local client, it’s like a warm reminder that they don’t always have to rely on jobs from overseas firms so they can support their families and dreams. They can also rely on you.

Are you feeling a little bit more patriotic yet?

3. Davaoeños Know What You Need

Instead of searching high and low for outsourcing services outside the city, why not go for a BPO in Davao City?

A local outsourcer can gain more in-depth knowledge and understanding of your business and product than an outsider can. They don’t have to rely on asking you for details or researching on what you do. They can just visit your place of business instead.

Plus, nothing beats the pride and camaraderie among fellow Davaoeños helping each other out.

4. We Work Hard

Overseas, both OFWs and Filipino BPO employees have gained a reputation for being reliable and hardworking. Our workforce in general is highly skilled. We also have a good grasp of the English language, we’re fast learners and highly trainable. These traits are some of the reasons why Filipinos are so sought out in many countries.

The best Philippine BPOs, Davaoeño or not, won’t work their butts off only for foreign clients. They’ll do their best for any customer, overseas or local, because they aren’t only representing their corporation. They are representing their city and their country too. After all, no outsourcing company wants to let their country down.

6 Qualities of a Good SEO Service Provider

When shopping for a digital marketing agency to do SEO, you really have to do your homework. If you hire the wrong people for the job, one of two things could happen. All their work could end up doing nothing (which is the best case scenario) or they might get you severely penalized by Google (worst case scenario). Fortunately, good SEO service providers aren’t that hard to find. When shopping for a team to work on your website, what out for these qualities.

1. Years of Experience

It takes years to learn and practice SEO. So ideally you should go for an agency that has a proven track record and a list of satisfied clients. But what if you want to give a (relatively) new player a shot? Good SEO experts do what they can to brush up and maintain their skills even when they don’t have clients. They usually start by working on their own sites first to prove their SEO chops.

2. Updated on the Latest Google Algorithm Changes

Google updates their search algorithm continuously to improve their user experience. This means that the SEO techniques that used to work in the past, especially black and grey hat SEO, are obsolete. In some case, websites and agencies that practice these techniques are even penalized. This is not a problem if the expert you’re talking to wants to focus on white hat techniques. I bet the only complaint they would have about the whole thing is how Google has a nasty habit of naming their updates after adorable animals.

3. Well-rounded SEO Plan

SEO is an art and a science. It has both technical and non-technical components. At the same time, a website’s SEO ranking isn’t completely dependent on its content and performance. An SEO specialist considers all these factors when working for their clients. So if your “expert’ tells you that you only need to do onsite SEO or you don’t need good content, it might be best to start looking for his replacement.

4. Business-savvy

A good SEO consultant knows that you’re running a business and understands that your website needs to perform as intended. So they don’t just focus on ranking on search engines. They study your market first to know what keywords they’re likely to use when they plan to buy. They also look at whether your website converts well with visitors. SEO experts also regularly monitor if there’s a need to change strategies to adapt to changing needs of your market.

5. Good Communicators

Your website is a reflection of your business. But once you optimize your site, some changes need to be made. That’s why it’s important for SEO teams to be good communicators. They need understand what you want to happen for your business and they need to explain what properly what they need to do in order to make that happen. SEO isn’t witchcraft. If they can’t explain what they do and how they’re doing things, they probably don’t really understand what they’re doing.

6. Realistic

With SEO, there’s only so much you can control and forecast. That’s why good SEO companies know that it’s unrealistic to guarantee a #1 ranking on any search engine. Search agencies don’t show preferences or give favors to ‘special’ SEO experts. It’s all done though the algorithm. So if your digital marketing agency is telling you they can get you on the first page of Google in a ridiculously short amount of time, best to turn around and walk away.

Don’t waste your time with SEO teams who’ll just run off with your money. Do your research and take the time to find a good digital marketing agency and SEO service provider. Your business will thank you for it.