Things That Make Facebook Advertising Unique

facebookFacebook is where you can find the latest gossip in Hollywood and the most popular memes. Oh, and you can see what your high schools have been up to lately. It’s one of the social media platforms where you can literally spend hours on and still not get bored. But aside from entertaining individual users, it is also now becoming a growth-conducive channel for businesses.

‘Ads’ is the magic word for this. Facebook ads are one of the most effective types of paid content that has been helping businesses around the world. It is for the same reason that it has grown popular in the recent years and is now one of the platforms that businesses are planning to invest more on.

So what exactly makes Facebook ads unique? Here are some of the things that make Facebook Ads stand out.

You Can Work on a Budget

Unlike other types of advertising, you don’t have to have a lot to advertise on Facebook. You can advertise for $5 a day for a week and no one will judge you for it. You can reach a lot with this amount and, with the right strategy, you can gain traction for your business.

Ad Testing Is Easier

Of course, ad testing is still recommended for advertising business on Facebook. But since it’s a lot cheaper and more efficient, you can test ads without spending a lot. Since Facebook provides accurate and thorough reports on ad performance, it’s easier to know the feedback of their customers, current or potential.

People Usually Don’t Have Buying Intent

Let’s face it. When we log in to our Facebook account we usually don’t have the ads in mind. We usually think about the gossip we’re going to find or looking forward to connecting with our loved ones. People usually don’t have the buying intent when logging in to Facebook. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to persuade them to buy your products.


You Can Use Emojis

This isn’t the latest news, I know. But the mere fact that you can incorporate emojis into your ads shows how versatile Facebook and Facebook ads are. Adding them into the video or photo or even in the caption gives off a natural, friendly feel, instead of it sounding like a sales pitch.

You Can Choose Your Audience

This is one of the features of the Facebook Business Manager that make it so popular. You can select the audience of your ad according to age, gender, location, interests, and so much more. This saves you the time and money since you won’t have to advertise to people who wouldn’t be interested in what you offer.

Facebook can offer a lot for businesses. With the right business social media strategy, you can gain traction and become a popular destination. And with a good brand image and a competent social media team to implement the strategies, you’ll be seeing your sales increase in no time.


How to Make Your Facebook Ads Stand Out

Social media is such a loud place. You can literally find almost everything on the platform— what your college friends are currently up to, the latest deals on Rihanna’s Fenti products, and even memes. Everything is trying to grab everyone’s attention.


For regular users, this is good news. This means you can spend hours upon hours on the platform and still not get bored. But from a business owner’s stand point, the “noise” on Facebook can serve as a bit of a challenge. One way that business owners fight all the “noise” is through Facebook advertisements. However, it does not always guarantee success. So as a business owner, how can you make sure that your ads don’t just add to the current noise, but is actually one that makes sense?

Ads Must Be Visual

Images are one of the things that determine whether or not your ad will capture the interest of your audience or not. They must be effective in capturing the interest of your audience. You can either go for weird images or just go for a totally stunning one. The goal is to have your audience stop scrolling and get them to read your ad.


One of the things that make memes so entertaining is the fact that they’re undeniably funny but painfully relatable. By making relatable content, you get to connect with your audience on a personal level. It puts a heart behind the strong image of your brand. It makes your business less intimidating and more interesting.

Strong Messaging

You need a message that has impact. Remember that people go to social media without buying intent, unlike when they search for something on search engines. So if your audience finds your ad on Facebook why should they stop and read what you have to offer? The answer is simple. It is because you have a strong message that they need to know about. When it comes to Facebook advertisements, “impact” is an important word.

Aside from a strong messaging, remember to keep all details clear in your advertisement. If you’re giving away discounts, tell your audience how much they’re saving, Tell them what they should do to claim the discount, and don’t forget how long it’s going to last. If you’re planning to get your audience to read your advertisement, make sure that they have enough details that they end up convinced to take action— that is to grab what it is that you offer.

facebookFacebook is a very popular social media platform that’s not only good for individual profiles, but is also one that holds a lot of potential for businesses. Managing advertisements on your own is something that you can do. But if you’re not tech-savvy or just find all the options confusing, you can work with a company that offers Facebook ads services so there’s less need for trial and error and that you wont waste money and effort on ad campaigns that wont work.

Time To Shift Your Focus To Facebook

We all probably know about Facebook’s new algorithm by now. The biggest social media platform on the Internet will be favoring posts from friends rather than public posts from, say, companies. It’s been a cause for concern for a lot of businesses who do a lot of advertising on Facebook.

The folks at Facebook have reassured advertisers that paid content won’t be affected much by this algorithm. However, the cost per impression rates, or the CPM as we call it, will most likely rise in the future. Pretty smart move by Facebook, since a lot of brands will now be doing their darnedest for their ads to be on newsfeeds more often.


There are also some who suspect that Facebook will soon bring the hammer down on certain kinds of content. We’re talking about those posts that go “share if you like our food”, “react with a heart if you loved this, sad react if you didn’t” or something else to that extent . You’ve got to admit, they’re very effective at getting those engagements going, but they’re considered low-quality and clickbait-y. We need to step up our game.

But should we advertisers really worry about it? Do we just need to make a couple of adjustments, change the way we look at the situation? Perhaps. Let’s see what are some of the things we can do, shall we?

Less Quantity, More Quality

jimcareyMore often than not, when we focus more on posting a lot of content, (for example, 4 posts in day), we tend not to work on the quality of the post itself. Sometimes we even outright neglect it. It might be a good idea to take a step back and slow down. Try doing 1 or 2 posts day, or maybe even a post every other day. You’ll have more time to create a relevant, timely post that can convey your message much more clearly. Now you can step back and watch those engagements come in once you’ve started boosting the post.

Try branching out from your usual style too. If your brand has focused heavily on content video marketing, consider holding live video sessions. This actually encourages more interactions from your followers.

Focus on the Influencers

socialmediaSocial Media Influencers can be your brand’s best friend. This is especially vital now that posts (particularly organic ones) from your business will no longer appear on other people’s feeds as much as posts from these influencers. This is a good time to strengthen your relationships with them so they will happily endorse your products for you in these leaner times.

Facebook’s new algorithm isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We can’t always help it if the company wants to change a few things with their users’ experience. In the end, what brands and advertisers can do is adapt and make the best of this situation.

How to Choose the Right Facebook Expert

Facebook Ads are a popular marketing choice for most businesses for very good reasons – a massive reach which can easily be adjusted depending on your specific target market, the different types of materials you can post, and most especially, its incredible cost-efficiency compared to other forms of advertising.

For many, that last reason is more than enough to encourage them to venture into the realm of advertising on Facebook, and understandably so. For a lot of small businesses and start-ups, it’s important to get their name out there without having to spend tons upon tons of cash.

A wise step that many business owners take in order to make the most of their Facebook ads is to hire a professional Facebook ads service provider. It doesn’t end there, however; it’s important to choose the right expert to work with. How? Here are some tips you should keep in mind when hiring one.


They Have Substantial Experience in the Field

It’s understandable to feel a bit of anxiety when handing over something so vital to an external team you won’t be able to keep watch over a lot of the time.

This is why it’s important that you check your potential ads expert’s experience in the field. How did their previous projects turn out? If you can see that their previous work has turned out well, it helps alleviate any anxiety and help you paint a better picture of what they can do for your business.

It’s easy to make promises to clients, but it’s another to deliver. It can be seen as a good sign if your potential provider has their portfolio on their site, this shows that they can actually walk their talk.

They Ask You About Your Budget

Most start-ups don’t have that much to allocate for marketing, as there is still a lot of core development going on. A good Facebook ad expert should be conscious of their client’s budget so that proper adjustments can be made in order to make the most of what the client is going to spend.

The targeting, for example, can be adjusted to cover smaller areas first and focus on more relevant age groups, gender, etc. in order to reach closer potential clients.With this, your targeting later on may be expanded to explore other demographics.


They’re Honest

You potential ads service provider shouldn’t just be honest about what they can do for you, but it’s important that, before anything else, they give you an honest evaluation of your business so far and your business goals with Facebook marketing.

While clients may want to be pleased and hear good things about their businesses and plans for their businesses, the reality is that they don’t always see their own flaws and need an objective expert to point them out.

Are your goals in line with your company branding? Are your expectations on how your campaign is going to turn out realistic? An honest evaluation from the expert’s perspective should be a mandatory part of your potential service provider’s process, and if your provider tells you nothing but “good things” and no constructive critiques, it may be time to move on to the next candidate.

While taking care of the campaign itself is up to the provider, it’s your task to make sure you get with the right Facebook ads service.

Your Facebook ad campaign can only be cost efficient and successful with the right provider, an experienced one that considers your budget and tells you like it is. Get in touch with them today.

How Facebook Advertising Can Help You with Your Email Marketing Campaign

A good email marketing campaign management is undoubtedly a great way to discuss your pitch with potential customers at length. There’s no pressure in maintaining a certain acceptable length, as is usually expected of social media type posts or messages, leaving you with enough liberty to go into detail and better talk about your concept.

Before the actual speaking to them via email, however, lies the task of finding those people to send emails to. This is where advertising your business on Facebook comes in.

Just how can Facebook help re-energize your email campaign?


Grow Your Set of Subscribers

With millions of users online at any given moment, Facebook is one of the widest reaching and most diverse network you can possibly use to fish for potential subscribers.

One of the best ways Facebook can help assist your campaign is by helping you grow your list from your already existing subscribers. Not only does it make targeting easier, it also increases your chances of successful conversion since these people are more or less similar to your current subscribers.

Wake Up Inactive Subscribers

You may have successfully gotten hold of subscribers, but it’s important you keep them active subscribers, too.

While a better tool for explaining matters at lengths, email is unfortunately often disregarded by users today as most prefer the interactivity and conciseness of social media platforms like Facebook. This, however, doesn’t have to turn into an “either, or” situation. You can actually use Facebook to redirect your users to subscribers, whether current or potential, to contacting you via email. You basically use your Facebook ad to lure them in and then have them go with email from there.

Use Your Facebook Ads to Experiment

As with everything else, a certain level of testing is required in order to see what works with you market and what doesn’t.


Testing an approach directly with an email campaign may not be the most efficient way to see what strikes your desired customers better as it may take more time and effort which isn’t guaranteed matched return. Segmenting recipients by demographic, writing out templates for each, then sending the emails out without the guarantee of a response is something a growing business shouldn’t waste time and resources on.

If you try out an approach with a Facebook ad first, however, with thousands of people immediately seeing it and more likely to engage with it, you’re better guaranteed results. Additionally, Facebook ads require less effort to set up and as well as arrange to be targeted to specific audiences.

Facebook business advertising is a growing platform for gaining subscribers while email is considered as “phasing out,” but this doesn’t mean that it has to replace email. The two platforms can be utilized, along with the assistance of a good digital marketing agency, to work together to help your business gain the subscribers you need for your growing business.

Is Outsourcing Really Threatened by AI?

This year, there has been more talk than usual about artificial intelligence taking over jobs in the outsourcing industry. For countries with economies that depend quite a bit on BPOs, it’s natural for them to become concerned.

Some of us are overly optimistic and tell ourselves, “Robots aren’t going to make us unemployed!” and just go about our merry, BPO-supported lives, while others, meanwhile, think we’re on the verge of an AI-pocalypse.


But let’s be realistic. Whether we like it or not, while we’re not to be entirely overthrown, the outsourcing industry is at risk of losing jobs.

So let’s start with the bad news: what jobs are most likely going to be replaced by AI?

“Low-Level” Virtual Assistants

By low-level VAs, we mean the type that do pretty repetitive tasks like scheduling meetings and handling emails. We’re actually witnessing it right now with the rise of virtual assistant apps like Siri and Cortana. At the rate that developers are working on to improve their learning capabilities, it may be only a matter of time before they can actually do these kinds of tasks better than humans can.

Customer Service Providers

Many companies are already replacing human chat support agents with chatbots, though with varying degrees of success. Some bots almost feel like you’re talking to an actual human being. Others are, well…you can still tell they’re AI at the end of the day. But as has been mentioned before: developers are working on improving them.


So what about the jobs that won’t be as affected by artificial intelligence?

Pretty Much Any Job That Requires Human Creativity

Think of the kind of work that requires our imagination to, well, be at work. Marketing. Advertising. Design. A Facebook advertising company, for instance, won’t be in much trouble, nor would a company with web design services. This is because the services they provide require the human touch.

You can’t rely on a robot to give you concepts for your next promotional video. And they certainly aren’t capable of copywriting.

When you look at, AI isn’t really so bad. For example, automating certain processes helps us do our jobs faster. It’s pretty much inevitable that artificial intelligence will be a regular part of the outsourcing industry. Instead of being scared, however, we can come to a compromise. We don’t have to replace every “low-level” job with robots, but we can work with them hand in hand so we can better minimize the errors we make. Baby steps, you know? Integrate the aspects that can help us the most.

Our future with the rise of AI is uncertain, but it doesn’t have to be terrifying.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook for Business

facebookFacebook is one of the leading social media platforms online. In fact, more than half of all adults around the world use Facebook to connect and be entertained. From its good old days when writing on your friends’ walls was the trend, it has transformed into a dynamic avenue for entertainment, news, and even for advertising.

Have you opened Facebook today? If you did, what did you find other than your friends’ photos and posts? Yep, that’s right. Advertisements.

Facebook ads have been prevalent especially in the recent years. Unlike other advertisements from other platforms, Facebook ads are famous for their special algorithm. The advertisements that appear on our timeline are dependent on our online behavior and interests.

So How Can Facebook Help Businesses Sell?


Unlike other advertisements from LinkedIn, Twitter, or Tumblr, Facebook ads are more affordable. In fact, you could spend as little as $1 a day in your ads but still be able to reach more people who are relevant to your target market.  Facebook advertising doesn’t break the bank. If anything, it helps you make the most out of every dollar you spend.


This is what makes Facebook ads competitive and worth your every buck. Before you publish your advertisement, Facebook asks about your target demographics by asking for their location, age, gender, language, interest, behaviors and even connections.

This characteristic of Facebook ads is one of its strengths. It ensures that the relevant audience gets your content and that you don’t waste your time and money on users who might not even bother batting an eye.


Different Types of Ads

Facebook ads are dynamic, and it has many different types. There are the Leads ads, Canvas ads, Offer ads, Video ads, Domain ads, Carousel ads and many other. Choosing which ad you should use for your Facebook marketing campaign largely depends on what you want to accomplish in your campaign.

Do you want to gain more followers? Do you want more people to visit your physical (or online) store? Do you want more likers? Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Determining the type of ad to use for your campaign largely depends on what you want to gain in your entire marketing campaign.

Gain Competitive

Many are on Facebook for personal purposes, but not many are aware of the benefits of Facebook for business. As surprising as it sounds, not many businesses have tried advertising on Facebook despite its benefits financially and strategically.

Since not many businesses have tried using the platform for your advantage, now is the time for you to get ahead and competitive. By trying Facebook advertising and using it strategically, you get to maximize the platform to benefit your business and get ahead of your competitors.

Facebook is one of the biggest gem any business can find in the internet realm. And while most people are already aware of how they can maximize Facebook for their personal use, not many are aware about how they can use it to boost their business.

Facebook has reached a point where it’s no longer just an ordinary platform for talking. It’s now a major social networking platform that specializes in its ability to spread information. It’s time that you realize its benefits now, and use it to your advantage.