4 Link Building Tips for Start-ups

Quality link building is a must for any company looking to get a good ranking on search engine results and get greater chances at attracting their desired market, and for start-ups who need to get their name out there, it’s a great way to get the ball rolling.

With all that, it’s important that business owners have some pointers that can help maximize the effectiveness of their SEO efforts.

Here are four of the most vital ones to keep in mind.


  1. Integrate It With Your Social Media

    Social media is one of the most powerful channels businesses can utilize. While it technically isn’t part of link building, it can definitely help boost the process. This is because placing links to your website page helps reel in visitors and traffic, and traffic is one of the major factors that search engines note.

    There’s so much you can do with social media. Apart from posting on your own page, you can reach out to niche audiences using cross-posts or interaction with popular pages and people. With enough effort, links to your site could be displayed on such popular pages and with greater exposure, can provide your website a lot of traffic.

  2. Use White Hat Strategies

    Throughout the years that link building has been practiced, some techniques have been labeled as ‘black hat’ strategies. Such methods are often poor efforts at tricking algorithms via things such as keyword spamming and invisible links. Some practices are also labeled as ‘gray hat’ and, while not penalized like black hat techniques, are also best avoided in order to ensure a safe rep with search engines.

    When you stick with white techniques, you don’t only avoid penalties (which include getting blacklisted from search engine results, losing you a lot of money), but you also get better quality work done, so it’s better for your website in the long run.

  3. Mind Your Content

    No matter how much effort you put into driving traffic into your site, it’s always going to boil down to conversions and just how willing your customers are to make you their go-to and build a relationship with your brand. The best way to speak out your vision and personality and connect with your audience is through your content.

    The language, the message, the images used, even the concepts of your videos, these all say a lot about your company, and what they say make or break that connection with your target market. Investing in quality content is the best way to make sure that when a user goes to your site, they’ll want to stay, and even better, come back.

  4. Work With a Digital Marketing Company

    While working with a link building services company is great for traditional techniques, if you want to make the best of your online marketing campaign, going with a digital marketing company is a better idea.

    Social media planning and material creation can all be done in coordination with your link building and other SEO needs to make sure that your whole online campaign is in sync. For those new to the online marketing game, a good start would be to hire a Filipino virtual assistant.


It’s not easy being start-up, but with the right marketing efforts and partner, getting your name out there through link building and other efforts while on a budget is very much possible.


White-hat Strategies of Link Building

If there’s anything important to your SEO campaign, it’s link building. You’ve probably never heard of it and the wonders it can do for your website. If you’ve ever been faced with the question to invest in link building services, you might want to say yes to tha.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get around to knowing what link building is, and what practices can be considered good or bad for your SEO.


What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to your own website. Search engines use these to discover new web pages and help determine how high a page should rank in their results.

That said, getting your website to rank higher on Google or Bing takes a lot of time and effort. Some people cheat their way through these search engines, which brings us to…

What are Black-hat and White-hat Strategies?

In the world of SEO, there are good and bad practices. They are named white-hat and black-hat. There is also an in-between called gray-hat.

White-hat strategies are those that fit the webmaster guidelines by search engines like Google and Bing. They ensure that you have little chance of getting problems with search engines when losing traffic. This includes creating your own content, building a community that engages with your content and website, and promoting to people by writing real, personalized messages.

Black-hat strategies are practices that violate guidelines by search engines. They use loopholes in search engine algorithms to rank websites higher. This includes cloaking or showing content to search engines that are different from what you show users, and hidden text on a page filled with keywords for search engines but not shown to users.

Now that we’re a bit acquainted with the clear dos and don’ts of SEO, let’s see how you can play out link building using White-Hat methods.

Link Building the White-hat Way


1. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is a clean way of promoting your own content on different websites. It’s important to stay away from looking like a spam account. Tthe best thing to do is input your name, email, and website on the designated areas. If you put keywords in these areas, your comment could be reported for spam.

When you comment on blogs, it not only benefits your link building goals, it also helps your branding and can provide direct traffic to your website.

2. Guest Posting

If you’re not familiar, guest posting is placing blog posts you’ve written to other blogs. When you reach out to other websites in your industry, you have more chances of getting a high-quality backlink to your website if the blog allows it.

You can pick reputable websites that generate a lot of traffic as well as social media shares.

3. Networking

When you build relationships with people in your industry, you are more likely to have people share your content. You can start by engaging with their content, by joining online communities, commenting on forums, and joining Facebook groups.

As much as possible, try to stay active, answer other users’ questions, and establish your identity in the industry.

There are many ways to succeed in link building, and when you find the right (and clean) methods, they can help boost your website’s rank on search engines. You can familiarize yourself with these and other techniques, or you can contact a local search engine optimization company to build an effective SEO strategy.

Link Building Facts You Need to Know

Trust is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, link building is one area of SEO that you can efficiently and more effectively perform when you know how to earn the trust of search engines. Contrary to what one might initially imagine, the best link building strategies are actually those that that don’t seem to have been created for search engines.


Are you more confused or curious? Both? Okay. Let’s start from the basics.

Link building, according to everyone’s favourite Wikipedia, pertains to the “actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website”.

But the thing is, getting quality inbound links is just one tactic that can help you to rank better. There are other link building facts and strategies that SEO folks need to keep in mind if they want to get good results. Here are some of them:

Quantity is Important

Of course, numbers are essential in reaching virtually any marketing goal. Having a lot of websites that link back to your site helps you rank better. It establishes you as a trust-worthy source of information, especially if the number is quite substantial.

Quality Over Quantity

Despite the importance of numbers, however, one must always remember to keep things quality. It has become an common understanding that most well-established websites only link back to other websites that are also trust-worthy— this is the logic behind why citing trust-worthy sources will help you rank better. The more trust-worthy websites link from you, the bigger your chances at getting to the highly coveted first page of Google.


Ensure Editorial Placing of Links

Placing links in the footnote of your article will not help you reach your marketing goals. In order for those links to count, they must be placed in the body of the article. It is advised that links are placed in the relevant keywords located in the beginning, middle and end part of your article.

Relevance is Essential

Of course, you cannot link to a website about bicycles if your article is talking about flower arrangements. Your links must sound as natural and relevant as possible in order for them to have any value to search engines, and most importantly, to your potential customers.

If there’s anything these facts or strategies are telling us, it is that the best way to do link building is to make every link sound as natural as possible. Your link will work best if they look and sound like their presence in the article is necessary to prove a point.

Does link building sound far too complicated and technical for you to even begin considering going DIY? Just hand the task over to professionals or advertise on Google instead to make things easier and less time consuming for you.

Whichever path you choose for your link building campaign, whether you opt for Do-It-Yourself, SEO professionals, or Google Advertisements, remember that the best way to rank better in Google is not to just consider ranking better; in the game of SEO, relevance, truth and trust are the most important values to follow.

How You Can Build a Successful Online Presence for Better Conversion

As any business owner knows, it’s important to establish your presence to your chosen market. If it so happens that your market is online, then it’s vital that you reach them through there if you want to make an impression.

This is where good SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you out. Aside from well-maintained web content, letting people know your site exists can do wonders for traffic and conversion.

There’s no point in having a cool design and well-written articles for your site if you’re just going to sit around and wait for people to stumble upon it. , Not to mention that it’s just one site among thousands upon thousands.


So how exactly can it help you?

Consumers Take Recommendations Seriously

Today’s customers take their peer’s word better than any high-production ad out there. More than anything, genuine endorsement of a product leads to higher sales at a much lower cost.

Beauty products, restaurants, and vacation spots are some of the products that have sales surges due to reviews, blog posts, and videos. But for other businesses like cleaning services or spare parts sellers, this type of reference isn’t as applicable.

This is where off-page link building comes in. Similar to recommendations from friends or bloggers, links to your site on trusted sites can help boost sales as well.

Interaction between influencers and interested customers. Mentions on unaffiliated posts. These build a reliable but unbiased image of your business. They will help develop a good reputation within your chosen market.

You Maximize Any Chances for Better Rankings

Improved visibility isn’t all about external measures. On-page link building is as important and brings its own benefits to the table.

While the former focuses on building a good reputation online, on-page optimization makes sure that customers that have not encountered off-page referrals know you exist.

This takes into consideration how a typical consumer may find your page. What keywords will most likely be used? How often will these keywords be used in coordination with each other? How can the flow of your page’s content be adjusted in accordance to the latter?

These are all matters tackled by on-page optimization. This, along with off-page optimization, is key to making sure that good content isn’t ignored.

As effective tools as they are, they’re also quite time-consuming to do by yourself. Apart from all the technicalities that come with them, there are ethical matters to take note of. You do want to keep your business from getting blacklisted, don’t you?

To make sure that your SEO needs are done correctly, it’s ideal to outsource to a reliable digital marketing service.

By doing so, you don’t only make sure that the job is done, but you’re also going to go the more cost-effective route. Don’t believe us? Get in touch with a good service provider today, and see what difference it can make for your business.

What To Avoid In Link Building

Ethics in business can be quite a hot topic. These days, it’s so easy for a single social media post complaining about a business’s bad practices to be shared and spread like wildfire.


Even those in the B2B community are not exempted from this. One must keep to legitimate and honest methods with their work to have the best reputation.

Oftentimes it is better to take the long road and have a clean image than to become lucrative through questionable means.

Working in the search engine optimization industry exposes one to the so-called three hats of SEO: White hat, gray hat, and black hat. Practicing the latter, in particular, is considered unethical and is not condoned by search engines.

Black hat SEO methods such as cloaking and keyword stuffing are well known. Link building also has its share of unethical methods, but what are they? Here are some of the best known techniques:

Buying Links

One way to influence page rankings is to buy links from a website with a higher rank. Back in the day, there were sites with the sole purpose of link selling and there were even people who bid on links. Eventually, search engines like Google decided to put a stop to this by devising ways to find bought links and bring their value down, or even give them a penalty.

For some SEO experts, link buying is a perfectly fine practice as long as you don’t get caught. But it’s always best to stick to more honest ways, right?

Fake Profiles and Spamming

People on blogs and forums are very well acquainted with spam comments. Many SEO companies use fake profiles on Disqus, Quora, forums, and other websites for the sole purpose of advertising posts with links directing to their client’s website. Some have even created programs to automate this process, causing much trouble for website owners and bloggers. A few methods have been devised to counter spamming, such as captchas and spam detecting plugins. While not a perfect method, it has certainly helped reduce the amount of spamming online.

To be fair, commenting on blogs and forums isn’t a bad practice in itself. It just has to be relevant to the topic at hand and helpful as well.

Website Hacking

This is perhaps one of the, if not THE, most malicious method in black hat SEO. This technique involves hacking into websites in order to add links. Link builders who employ this tactic search for susceptible sites. Sometimes they even target entire hosting servers. They then hack into them and add links or sometimes whole directories. The best of these hackers are so good at being sneaky that a site owner might never even discover that their site was hacked in the first place.

Using these black hat techniques can be very tempting especially for clients who want “fast” results in their SEO. This is because white hat techniques like creating good content do take a lot of time and effort. But in the end, using what is appropriate will have permanently positive effects for a website. If a company wants to offer quality link building services, then their best bet is to stick to the narrow path of white hat SEO.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Couldn’t resist the website trend and finally joined in? That’s great! Not getting the traffic you thought you’d be getting? That’s not so great. The good thing is that it’s fixable.


It’s typical for a recently-launched site to not have much activity going on initially, but if your site’s been up for a while and is still yet to gain a substantial amount of traffic, then you’re going to need to step up your game. Here’s how.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Gaining organic traffic takes time, and for you who may require action now, paying your way to a better spot is definitely a viable option.

The best thing about PPC is that you only pay for the clicks you get, making it a cost-friendly solution and available to virtually any business.

Note, however, that despite its nearly-utopic abilities to assist a business, it’s not as simple as paying for the ad and expecting tons of traffic to come flooding in. It requires effective copy and relevant keywords.

Link Building

While you may already have the relatively quicker solution that is PPC, you’re still going to need a solution that’ll bring you long-term benefits.

This is where link building comes in. It basically puts links to your site on other sites in order to increase its visibility, providing greater chances of clicks to your site and greater traffic. Similar to PPC, however, it’s not a magical answer to your problem.

Effective link building means placing links on reliable sites, not to mention strategizing their placement so as to not appear “spammy.” This may require extensive research and knowing what it means for a site to count as reliable.

Video Marketing

While the two aforementioned options are SEO solutions, this one is more on content development. It still, however, is about driving traffic to your site, this time using engaging video content.

A video marketing campaign is a popular trend nowadays, with nearly every business making use of it. Placing videos on your other pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) can actually help lure users into your site.


By providing interesting content that will entice users to visit your site; this method works the same way as the previous two, and also with the goal of getting more visitors for your site. Similarly, in order for this method to actually work, you need to provide the right material.

All of these methods are good and effective ways to improve your site traffic, but they all also require a certain level of expertise in order to be executed properly and to be effective. No matter what option you’re going to try, it’s best to have professionals work with you.

You don’t even have to get different companies for your different needs, no need for a separate link building services company, or PPC/video marketing experts. With the right digital marketing company, you’ll be able to outsource help for any one of these needs, or even all of them. Get in touch with one now and see how they can help improve traffic for your site.