SEO Vs PPC: Do You Really Have to Choose?


Search engine optimization and pay per click advertising are two relatively new methods of boosting one’s business presence-wise, and they are both undeniably helpful in doing so. With that, certain questions may lie. Should I invest in an SEO services agency? Or should I focus on PPC advertising services instead?

To help answer these questions, it’s a good idea to lay out some of the positives and negatives for each.



Builds Credibility

With SEO, it’s all about getting your page a good search results ranking and getting a helpful amount of organic traffic for your site.

Your page’s constant presence in the results will eventually lead people to associating your page (and your business) with the corresponding search terms, effectively making you a sort of trusted authority on the matter. When your page has established trust among internet users, they’re more likely to visit and regularly check on your site.

When such a trust is built, you’d have greater opportunity to make your potential customers see why they should avail of your products or services and more importantly, they’d be more likely to listen to you.


Another good thing about SEO is that even if you halt efforts with it, its benefits will still be felt. It’s one of those things you’ll definitely be glad you invested in.

Unlike with PPC, whose effects are largely dependent on whether you’re still subscribing to it or not. Even if you cut back on SEO, what it has done for your business in terms of establishing your page’s authority and building a good stand with customers goes on for a while longer, at least until you can get back to spending on SEO.


While paid ads do in bring in traffic, users are still more likely to click on and consider organic listings. Getting a good spot amongst other organic search results is something a company cannot simply buy and when achieved definitely reaps its benefits.



Market Visibility

With PPC, by simply paying for ad space, you are already assured that people will be seeing your ad even if they didn’t necessarily target your company specifically. So even though you might not have been one of their top options, your presence may propel them to now consider you and hopefully go with your company in the end.

Your aimed market, on the other hand, can now be more specifically targeted. While SEO’s abilities in this area provide a broader reach, PPC allows you to get in touch with the potential customers who are actively interested in what you may be offering, making conversion a greater possibility.


PPC is a particularly good choice for when you want to try out different strategies since it doesn’t take much effort to change an ad and you get quick feedback.

It’s also a good way to try out a marketing strategy before diving into larger campaigns since it can gather a significant amount of information, but at the same time, doesn’t require much investment.

Cost Effectiveness

Time and again this has been listed as one of the top reasons why PPC advertising services should be considered by every startup, and for good reason.

Since smaller enterprises are typically more budget conscious, it’s important that value for money is considered. This method is pay per click, so while not all clicks are assured transactions, it’s a lot more cost-efficient.

Both methods evidently have their respective benefits that any business would want, and more importantly, it’s important to point out that the better method here would depend on what your business needs.

At different stages your business may need more of PPC and then later on SEO, basically, it’s important to see these methods not as “ors” but as “ands” that will assist your business at it develops.

With all that, it would be best to consult with a reliable digital marketing agency to help you see which one you should invest in now at your business’s current stage and see how SEO and PPC can work together to build your company the online presence it deserves.


Why PPC Advertising is Practical For Your Business

Search rankings are a battlefield. Many businesses compete for visibility, and this can be brutal especially for new ones who haven’t ranked up the search results. This is why it’s great to have Google adwords for business and pay per click (PPC) advertising—you can compete with established brands. It’s an equalizer of the playing field. But what is PPC exactly?

Those are the links you see on the top of the search results labeled “Ad”. Those webpages didn’t rank up organically but were paid so they would appear in search queries or keywords related to their business.

But don’t get intimidated by the word “paid”. I know as an entrepreneur you are trying to maximize your resources. That’s why PPC is the best tool for you. Here’s why PPC is practical:

You Literally Only Pay Per Click

You’re only charged for the qualified leads that click your webpage. It’s an automatic filter. You won’t have to spend money for advertising to people who just see your ad but aren’t interested to know more–unlike most ads, like in print and TV (which are so damn expensive).

You Are in Control of Your Budget

In business development, budget is everything. Every cent counts. As much as possible, you want to maximize your resources. PPC allows you to do that. You can set a limit to the amount of money you spend for a campaign, such that if you reach the target number of clicks you want for your website, you can stop spending for it.

You Are in Control of Your Campaign

Unlike most ads, PPC can be specified according to your preference. You have the choice to only advertise on a specific location, time, and even language. That makes it way more likely for your webpage to be seen by potential customers. It’s very helpful if you’re a small business in a local area.

You don’t have to spend a lot just to reach your target audience just because you’re new or small in the playing field.

But you do need the right PPC management agency to help you create the right strategy. Their expertise on Google adwords combined with your expertise on your business will work wonders for your business.