Things To Keep In Mind With PPC

The power of PPC is something that businesses can’t ignore. If you’re looking to make sales quickly, investing in paid advertising is usually recommended. Paid ads are also helpful if you want to promote during a limited time period, like a Christmas or a Black Friday sale.

Compared to SEO, it takes considerably less time for you to start seeing results. But that doesn’t make the work any easier. That’s why many business owners make use of pay per click advertising services to save them the trouble.


But even if you’re getting someone else do the dirty work, it never hurts to have some knowledge on how to make your paid campaigns more successful, right? Here’s a couple things to keep in mind:

Always Do Your Research on Keywords

Using the right and relevant keywords for your ads ensures that people will be able to see your ads in the search results. Take the time to study long-tail search terms. Commonly used keywords for your brands and products tend to have too much competition.

For example, if you’re running a car rental company, don’t settle for keywords like “rent a car” and “car rentals”. You’ll be fighting with thousands of other car rental businesses. Instead, try those that include where you are, like “rent a car in Brooklyn” or “budget car rentals in West End”.

Keyword research tools are extremely useful in this aspect since most of them also let you check on what your competitors are using.

Make Good Use of Geolocation

Although often ignored by many advertisers, geolocating is a very useful tool to target local or international customers. Instead of indiscriminately advertising to every user in the world, you can have your ads displayed only at particular regions of your choosing. You can take it further and set the hours for when you want your ads to appear the most. This lets you save more of your budget on clicks.

Work on Your Ad Copy

Good copywriting is a must if you want to make the most out of your paid ads. You only have a limited number of characters to work with, so you have to make every word count. Make sure to be clear and concise with your message and include relevant terms. Don’t forget to use calls-to-action. You can also include your business’s contact numbers if you have any–which you should in the first place.

It’s Not Always About the Clicks

One thing you should always remind yourself is that with PPC campaigns, getting people to click on your ads is not your end goal. Yes, getting clicks can be good, but remember that you’re paying for each click. Producing conversions is what you should be focusing on. As much as possible, you should turn every click into a sale. And if you don’t get clicks or sales? Well, at least your brand gets exposure. Your name will be easier to remember next time.


So whether or not you hired a personal assistant company to do your pay per click ads for you, knowledge on PPC is always good to have. You’ll never know when you’ll find yourself making use of it.


Using Location to Maximize Foot Traffic for Your Business

Some local brick and mortar businesses—physical stores like gyms, restaurants, and clothes shops—need a boost in foot traffic in real life, and luckily for this generation, one of the ways to get there is to acquire site traffic first. It doesn’t necessarily mean people have to see your website before they’ll be able to visit your store, but the exposure your brand gets online helps. This exposure could take the form of social media presence or a PPC campaign, both of which various business owners get a personal virtual assistant to handle.


In 2017, Google Maps’ ad traffic was on a constant rise thanks to the “get location details” click type. Why should this news matter to you as an entrepreneur? Well, for one your business definitely needs the internet’s support because these days, people do their research online before they decide to buy your products or try your services.

So if you’re set out to get more foot traffic while trying your hand at PPC, this article is for you. Here’s why you should setup location information to acquire more visitors to your physical store.

1. Search Intent Is Becoming More Local

With technology offering advanced tools like Google Earth and Maps, it’s no wonder people decide to ask search engines where their local barber shop or deli is. But research has shown that people are only willing to visits shops near their location.

According to Access, people are willing to travel around 8 to 12 minutes for restaurants, gyms, and grocery shops, 13 to 16 minutes for car shops and salons, and 17 to 20 minutes for cinemas and clothes shops. Of course, that’s not to say people won’t be willing to visit your store.


One of the ways you can assure customers will walk in to your shop is through by making your location information easy to find. You can do this by using addresses, cross streets, and maps to show your location.

Since you can’t control Google’s algorithm, if you don’t appear on the first page, provide links that can make your store easier to find. The easier people are able to find your physical shop through visuals like Maps, the more likely they’ll be interested in visiting.

2. Addresses Can Be Simple Enough to Comprehend, and Easier for Users to Visualize

Sure, addresses are easy to understand. As a searcher though, instead of finding Panama Street, it’s more convenient to know the ice cream parlor on Panama Street is around 5 miles away from your current location. It also helps to let customers know they only have to walk or ride for 10 minutes to get to your shop from where they are.

Additionally, you can include landmarks near your area to help customers. Convenient for customers; good for your business.

3. Google Might Start Monetizing Maps’ Ad Traffic

Because Google Maps’ ad traffic continues to rise, marketers deploy location extensions on their Google PPC campaigns and don’t necessarily have to do much. However, because mobile searches are significantly higher than tablet and desktop searches, mobile maps traffic is more expensive than other search traffic.

On a more specific note, using location extensions on Google AdWords increases the chances of in-store purchases rather than online conversions. So this is the best method for brick and mortar businesses should they need more customers to walk in to their physical shops.

PPC-ChartLocations play a powerful role when it comes to brick and mortar businesses. It can help get more people walk into your shop, and increase the chances of real-life purchases. This is a method any PPC advertising service provider can assist you with, should you need more visitors to your store. And when in doubt, go ahead and experiment until you find the right strategies for your PPC campaign.

4 Link Building Tips for Start-ups

Quality link building is a must for any company looking to get a good ranking on search engine results and get greater chances at attracting their desired market, and for start-ups who need to get their name out there, it’s a great way to get the ball rolling.

With all that, it’s important that business owners have some pointers that can help maximize the effectiveness of their SEO efforts.

Here are four of the most vital ones to keep in mind.


  1. Integrate It With Your Social Media

    Social media is one of the most powerful channels businesses can utilize. While it technically isn’t part of link building, it can definitely help boost the process. This is because placing links to your website page helps reel in visitors and traffic, and traffic is one of the major factors that search engines note.

    There’s so much you can do with social media. Apart from posting on your own page, you can reach out to niche audiences using cross-posts or interaction with popular pages and people. With enough effort, links to your site could be displayed on such popular pages and with greater exposure, can provide your website a lot of traffic.

  2. Use White Hat Strategies

    Throughout the years that link building has been practiced, some techniques have been labeled as ‘black hat’ strategies. Such methods are often poor efforts at tricking algorithms via things such as keyword spamming and invisible links. Some practices are also labeled as ‘gray hat’ and, while not penalized like black hat techniques, are also best avoided in order to ensure a safe rep with search engines.

    When you stick with white techniques, you don’t only avoid penalties (which include getting blacklisted from search engine results, losing you a lot of money), but you also get better quality work done, so it’s better for your website in the long run.

  3. Mind Your Content

    No matter how much effort you put into driving traffic into your site, it’s always going to boil down to conversions and just how willing your customers are to make you their go-to and build a relationship with your brand. The best way to speak out your vision and personality and connect with your audience is through your content.

    The language, the message, the images used, even the concepts of your videos, these all say a lot about your company, and what they say make or break that connection with your target market. Investing in quality content is the best way to make sure that when a user goes to your site, they’ll want to stay, and even better, come back.

  4. Work With a Digital Marketing Company

    While working with a link building services company is great for traditional techniques, if you want to make the best of your online marketing campaign, going with a digital marketing company is a better idea.

    Social media planning and material creation can all be done in coordination with your link building and other SEO needs to make sure that your whole online campaign is in sync. For those new to the online marketing game, a good start would be to hire a Filipino virtual assistant.


It’s not easy being start-up, but with the right marketing efforts and partner, getting your name out there through link building and other efforts while on a budget is very much possible.

How to Create Better Customer Relationships Through Email Support

One of the most challenging parts of marketing is creating a strong relationship with your customers without being too intrusive. Yes, visibility and brand awareness is important but you can’t be too pushy on your campaign or else you’ll drive your customers away instead of attracting them towards your business. But what is “intrusive” supposed to mean?


One of the most challenging parts of marketing is creating a strong relationship with your customers without being too intrusive. Yes, visibility and brand awareness is important but you can’t be too pushy on your campaign or else you’ll drive your customers away instead of attracting them towards your business. But what is “intrusive” supposed to mean?

Well, intrusive can be a lot of things. One of the most common types of intrusive marketing is telemarketing. Customers generally hate it when they get a call from a marketer asking them to buy a certain type of cooking pan just as they’re about to dig in to their chips while watching their favourite tv series.

Thankfully for them, the era of calls from telemarketers is over. It has, however, helped pave the way for marketers who want to figure out ways for them to be less intrusive to their customers and be more efficient in advertising their product.

Email is one of the most widely-used but also non-intrusive forms of marketing nowadays. Here’s why it can be very effective for your business:

  1. Convenience- Your customers can freely say what they want without worrying about phone charges. They also don’t need to worry about other incoming calls not coming through because they’re busy talking to your customer service personnel through the phone. It’s easier and they can do it anytime they want to.
  2. It’s easy to make and utilize emails – Emails are easier for your customers as it allows them to organize their thoughts better, since they can freely say their complaints without the pressure of time. Not to mention that using email allows them to express how they feel without destroying their vocal cords from shouting.
  3. Buys you time to create a well-organized response to your customers’ complaints- Truth be told, it’s hard to predict all the questions and reactions you get from your customers. Some customers manage to keep their cool when saying how they feel or what they think. Unfortunately, there are instances when frustration takes over the customer, causing them to say things that one may consider a bit rash or offensive.

    Of course, you can’t fight fire with fire. In such case, you’ll need to create a well-organized response that will not only help your customer calm down, but also address their concern. This is much easier to do via email than through a phone call.

So who should do it for you? This is where a personal assistant company comes in. 

Email marketing is something that you can do on your own if you’re still managing a small business, but if your business is already selling a lot and an overwhelming number of emails are flooding your inbox every day, then it’s time you hand the email support job to someone else. Fortunately, this third party help doesn’t have to break the bank for you.

In fact, you can hand over the job to a third party where you only pay for the time spent by your virtual assistant in getting your email support job done for you. What is email support job you might ask?

Email support jobs in outsourcing basically means hiring someone to respond and monitor emails from your customers. This includes monitoring the quantity and assessing situations of every email to provide the best answer for your customers.


It allows you to save money, time, and effort in handling small tasks such as this, therefore giving you more time to manage bigger matters regarding your business. Email is the best way for you to create a healthy relationship with your customers without being intrusive.

If done right, it can attract more customers to your business.

How to do it right? Outsourcing. 

Video Marketing for Your Business

Video on social media platforms has definitely come a long way in terms of purpose – from being a means for self-expression it has now become a tool for marketing businesses. With its potential for boosting a campaign’s effectiveness, it’s rare for a business that’s on social media today not to have video materials. With all that, local video marketing after all is a rising strategy amongst even the smallest of businesses today.

It’s no wonder, especially since, according to a report by Wistia, users on average spend 2.6x more time on pages with video content, and according to Hubspot, 43% of these actually want to see more video content on the pages they visit.

With its impact on a campaign, it’s essential for any business owner to know how they can optimize their video materials.


What Do You Want to Achieve With Your Video?

Do you want it to give users a background on your business? Demonstrate a product? Talk about your line of work? From the very beginning of the planning process, have a clear understanding of what kind of video you want to produce.

Different videos have different impacts on viewers, and knowing these impacts could help you strategize your campaign. Is it wise to put out a certain type of video at the stage your business is currently in? If you’re aiming to introduce yourself to the market as a viable option for customers, you should try an intro video. If you’re trying to sell more products, a product demonstration video may be the best choice as it’s been proven to help in the decision making process.

Explore New Video Options

Don’t limit yourself to the “traditional” types of videos. There are more creative ways to reach your market via video – take live streaming, for example. The fact that viewers get to watch your video in real time could do a lot for establishing a positive relationship between you and your customers.

Another route you could go with is vlogging. It’s a more playful method of reaching audiences and will be a very good idea if you’re aiming at a younger market.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Keep in mind that you have, more or less, 8 seconds to successfully hold the attention of your viewer. You can’t expect the average social media user to patiently finish your 5-minute video. This is why it’s important to go straight to the point with your video.

Not only does keeping your video short help address the attention span aspect of reaching your market, it also helps make loading time quicker.

Optimize It for Web Purposes

Speaking of loading time, don’t invest too much on making it high definition. While video quality is an important thing to maintain, don’t go for a 1080p resolution if it’s going to make the average user wait two minutes to load. Most users are quite impatient in terms of loading time for social media videos such as the ones on Facebook.

This also makes the video more shareable on other platforms, and being more share-friendly sure won’t hurt your campaign.


These are just some of the basic things to consider if you want to optimize your campaign through video marketing. Having so much to think about when planning your video marketing strategy may be an intimidating task, especially if you don’t have a background in producing such material.

Thankfully, a lot of top virtual assistant companies offer digital marketing services; part of such services is providing videos for your digital marketing campaign. Not only do you have the videos you need, but your entire campaign is covered, as well. For start-ups or small businesses in need of video marketing and/or digital marketing assistance, contacting a reliable agency is the way to go.