Time To Shift Your Focus To Facebook

We all probably know about Facebook’s new algorithm by now. The biggest social media platform on the Internet will be favoring posts from friends rather than public posts from, say, companies. It’s been a cause for concern for a lot of businesses who do a lot of advertising on Facebook.

The folks at Facebook have reassured advertisers that paid content won’t be affected much by this algorithm. However, the cost per impression rates, or the CPM as we call it, will most likely rise in the future. Pretty smart move by Facebook, since a lot of brands will now be doing their darnedest for their ads to be on newsfeeds more often.


There are also some who suspect that Facebook will soon bring the hammer down on certain kinds of content. We’re talking about those posts that go “share if you like our food”, “react with a heart if you loved this, sad react if you didn’t” or something else to that extent . You’ve got to admit, they’re very effective at getting those engagements going, but they’re considered low-quality and clickbait-y. We need to step up our game.

But should we advertisers really worry about it? Do we just need to make a couple of adjustments, change the way we look at the situation? Perhaps. Let’s see what are some of the things we can do, shall we?

Less Quantity, More Quality

jimcareyMore often than not, when we focus more on posting a lot of content, (for example, 4 posts in day), we tend not to work on the quality of the post itself. Sometimes we even outright neglect it. It might be a good idea to take a step back and slow down. Try doing 1 or 2 posts day, or maybe even a post every other day. You’ll have more time to create a relevant, timely post that can convey your message much more clearly. Now you can step back and watch those engagements come in once you’ve started boosting the post.

Try branching out from your usual style too. If your brand has focused heavily on content video marketing, consider holding live video sessions. This actually encourages more interactions from your followers.

Focus on the Influencers

socialmediaSocial Media Influencers can be your brand’s best friend. This is especially vital now that posts (particularly organic ones) from your business will no longer appear on other people’s feeds as much as posts from these influencers. This is a good time to strengthen your relationships with them so they will happily endorse your products for you in these leaner times.

Facebook’s new algorithm isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We can’t always help it if the company wants to change a few things with their users’ experience. In the end, what brands and advertisers can do is adapt and make the best of this situation.


Ways to Become an Effective Chat Customer Support Representative

With the continuous growth of the internet as a platform for communication and expression, its functions have also spanned into business development. It has now become easier for businesses to reach their customers and vice versa.

Communication is easier, transmission of message from businesses to the general public is much faster, and creativity is now an incredible necessity more than ever. What’s more interesting is that the internet has made it possible for customers to privately reach companies and get quick response. This is done through chat customer support.

But with the amount of liberty that comes with being on the internet, how can you make sure that you’re doing customer support right through chat?


Product Knowledge Is Important

It is important for a chat customer support representative to know the ins and outs of your business and the products that you sell. Remember that chat is, in most cases, time-sensitive and having good product knowledge can definitely help you resolve issues or cases faster.

Honesty Is Important

“Customers are always right” is easily one of the most popular phrases that’s about business development and dealing with customers. And while it has some truth to it, this doesn’t mean that chat customer support representatives should become yes-men to customers.

When what a customer is asking isn’t feasible, it is important to tell them the truth. Further delay in telling the truth may cause even more damage than help.

Lean on the Positives

This is connected to telling the truth to customers in case that their request is just not possible for whatever reason. Remember that empathizing with your customers is very important. They are reaching out to you because they have their own concerns and this is often accompanied by feelings of frustration or worry.

No matter what the truth is, try to compose your message in such a way that is leaning towards the positives. Come up with suggestions for the next course of action that your customers can take. Make sure to leave them with a solution or a suggestion by the end of your chat.

Set a Target Response Time

As mentioned above, chat customer support is time-sensitive. Make sure to set a target response time for your time to ensure that all messages do not go unanswered, or worse, unnoticed for a very long period of time.

Learn to Adapt to Your Customers

When something does not work as they expected, expect that there will be a certain level of confusion, worry or anger when they reach out to you. This is why it is important for you to be sensitive and carefully assess the present disposition of your customer before sending a reply. Assess whether you should strictly give a professional response or if it’s safe enough to incorporate humor into your answer. Either way, remember to be human and empathize with your customers.

At the end of the day, the key to successful chat customer support is really to be a human being who’s willing to help solve the problems of another human being. Remember that the goal is to help eradicate confusion and show concern from the business to its customers.

Why Isn’t Your Web Content Working?

Web writing, like any other type of writing, is prone to pitfalls that prevents a piece from inspiring others. Whether the goal is to intrigue the reader, anger them, make them laugh, or make them do business with you, there are measures one can take to ensure its effectiveness.

Writing requries you to accomodate hundreds or thousands of different tastes. While you may not be able to attend to each of those, you can rid your content of universal turn-offs. This will help it better reach your all of your potential customers.

With that, here some web content mistakes that you should avoid.



You Don’t Make Room for Improvement

Every writer knows growth is important, no matter what your genre of writing is. There is always a better way to write, and adjustments are a necessary evil. The worst mistake you can do is not recognize its weak points. Whether it’s the structure, the content itself, or the grammar, you have to note them all.

How many times have you read an article or post that was full of good ideas, but had tons of grammatical errors? You couldn’t help but cringe, right? That’s just one of the sad endings your posts will be a victim of if you deny your content the help it needs.

Writing prompts to aid writer’s block, tools for better phrasing, and a good proofreader can all make the difference for readability. It’s never a good idea to refrain from revision.

You Fail to Cite Reliable Sources


If your business involves a lot of technical terms, processes and facts, it’s essential that you include the sources of your information. Do you run a chiropractic treatment business and post articles about its benefits? Given that you didn’t make those facts up for the sake of persuading your readers, remember to put your sources, even if it’s at the end of the piece.

The internet is swarming with fake news, click bait, and just plain unreliable material. Aside from the fact that it’s a basic no-no in any writing community, it’s a great turn-off for today’s market.

Note that today’s audiences seek authenticity in the businesses they patronize. To build that trust with your customers, accurate fact checks and updated information will go a long way.



You Try to Do It All by Yourself

Writing requires careful attention, time, and effort if you want something effective. For someone who’s busy running a business, there’s a great chance you’ll sacrifice the quality if you try to do everything on your own.

A lot of politicians, big business owners, and even celebrities have people to do their writing for them. Their speeches and public announcements are always written the best way possible. This is because they leave it to experienced writers who are good at their craft.

With that, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be afraid to outsource your writing tasks too. Getting qualified people to do web writing services for your business seems costly and intimidating. In reality, it’s as accessible as any other service your business may need.

Your website’s content is a vital point in convincing your potential customers to build a relationship with you. Make the most of it and outsource your writing needs to a reliable web writing team today.

The Growth of the Internet And Selling In It

Out of the seven billion people around the world, 3.8 billion of those are on the internet. These “netizens”, as they are popularly known today, use the internet for different purposes. The internet is now used from extraction of information to expanding social networks.

In other words, half of the world population are now using the wide, diverse, complex, and multi-faceted virtual sphere that is the world wide web in their lives. The increasing relevance of the internet in the daily lives of citizens has opened many opportunities for businesses and individuals who create content.


The Internet and Lead Generation

Compared to what it was ten years ago when it only had a little over a million of users, worldwide, the internet has definitely come a long way. It is now more than just a platform for posting written or visual content. It is also now becoming an effective platform for selling.

Digital marketing is the practice of selling and advertising goods online. It is becoming a major advantage for businesses. And among all the branches of digital marketing, online business lead generation is one of the most promising and useful.

Finding People and Selling Online

Before the internet became a huge progressive sphere that it is now, marketing was done in a very different fashion. Businesses used to advertise in major mass communication channels just to be able to acquire a wide audience.

Advertising in mass communication channels, although can be very effective, can also be very costly. It could easily break the bank for small businesses. This also does not guarantee significant increase in conversion.

The internet, on the other hand, serves as the new modern day solution to all of this “expensive modes of selling” dilemma. Lead generation, specifically, allows business owners to save the time, effort, and money in trying to sell their commodities.

Lead generation allows businesses to find and reach the right people who might be interested in their business. It is basically the process of determining which platform your customers could be, and finding the right people who might be interested in what you offer through it.

Lead generation is essentially the process of determining where your potential clients could be and creating a good relationship with them in the hopes of being able to sell to them in the future.


Another Way to Do Lead Generation

While lead generation sounds like a heaven-sent business development process, it does have its setbacks. Admittedly, lead generation can be a long and tedious process. You’ll need to be patient and thorough in finding leads. You also have to be consistent in reaching out and staying connected with them in order to effectively build trust.

However, despite its “down sides” it is one that lead generation continues to be a much more efficient option for business development. It is affordable and highly effective if done right. It doesn’t easily break the bank for small businesses, and ensures that they get to sell to the right people.

A lot of businesses work with a lead generation service provider. These providers have their own lead generation associates who make sure that all leads are legitimate, and everything from sending the first message to potential clients to sending emails with an intent to sell are all covered.

Working with lead generation service providers are now becoming effective tools for marketing. It is taking the process of relationship building and selling to a whole new level. Plus, it serves as proof of how the internet can now be used in a lot of ways nowadays.

How to Choose the Right Facebook Expert

Facebook Ads are a popular marketing choice for most businesses for very good reasons – a massive reach which can easily be adjusted depending on your specific target market, the different types of materials you can post, and most especially, its incredible cost-efficiency compared to other forms of advertising.

For many, that last reason is more than enough to encourage them to venture into the realm of advertising on Facebook, and understandably so. For a lot of small businesses and start-ups, it’s important to get their name out there without having to spend tons upon tons of cash.

A wise step that many business owners take in order to make the most of their Facebook ads is to hire a professional Facebook ads service provider. It doesn’t end there, however; it’s important to choose the right expert to work with. How? Here are some tips you should keep in mind when hiring one.


They Have Substantial Experience in the Field

It’s understandable to feel a bit of anxiety when handing over something so vital to an external team you won’t be able to keep watch over a lot of the time.

This is why it’s important that you check your potential ads expert’s experience in the field. How did their previous projects turn out? If you can see that their previous work has turned out well, it helps alleviate any anxiety and help you paint a better picture of what they can do for your business.

It’s easy to make promises to clients, but it’s another to deliver. It can be seen as a good sign if your potential provider has their portfolio on their site, this shows that they can actually walk their talk.

They Ask You About Your Budget

Most start-ups don’t have that much to allocate for marketing, as there is still a lot of core development going on. A good Facebook ad expert should be conscious of their client’s budget so that proper adjustments can be made in order to make the most of what the client is going to spend.

The targeting, for example, can be adjusted to cover smaller areas first and focus on more relevant age groups, gender, etc. in order to reach closer potential clients.With this, your targeting later on may be expanded to explore other demographics.


They’re Honest

You potential ads service provider shouldn’t just be honest about what they can do for you, but it’s important that, before anything else, they give you an honest evaluation of your business so far and your business goals with Facebook marketing.

While clients may want to be pleased and hear good things about their businesses and plans for their businesses, the reality is that they don’t always see their own flaws and need an objective expert to point them out.

Are your goals in line with your company branding? Are your expectations on how your campaign is going to turn out realistic? An honest evaluation from the expert’s perspective should be a mandatory part of your potential service provider’s process, and if your provider tells you nothing but “good things” and no constructive critiques, it may be time to move on to the next candidate.

While taking care of the campaign itself is up to the provider, it’s your task to make sure you get with the right Facebook ads service.

Your Facebook ad campaign can only be cost efficient and successful with the right provider, an experienced one that considers your budget and tells you like it is. Get in touch with them today.

How You Can Build a Successful Online Presence for Better Conversion

As any business owner knows, it’s important to establish your presence to your chosen market. If it so happens that your market is online, then it’s vital that you reach them through there if you want to make an impression.

This is where good SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you out. Aside from well-maintained web content, letting people know your site exists can do wonders for traffic and conversion.

There’s no point in having a cool design and well-written articles for your site if you’re just going to sit around and wait for people to stumble upon it. , Not to mention that it’s just one site among thousands upon thousands.


So how exactly can it help you?

Consumers Take Recommendations Seriously

Today’s customers take their peer’s word better than any high-production ad out there. More than anything, genuine endorsement of a product leads to higher sales at a much lower cost.

Beauty products, restaurants, and vacation spots are some of the products that have sales surges due to reviews, blog posts, and videos. But for other businesses like cleaning services or spare parts sellers, this type of reference isn’t as applicable.

This is where off-page link building comes in. Similar to recommendations from friends or bloggers, links to your site on trusted sites can help boost sales as well.

Interaction between influencers and interested customers. Mentions on unaffiliated posts. These build a reliable but unbiased image of your business. They will help develop a good reputation within your chosen market.

You Maximize Any Chances for Better Rankings

Improved visibility isn’t all about external measures. On-page link building is as important and brings its own benefits to the table.

While the former focuses on building a good reputation online, on-page optimization makes sure that customers that have not encountered off-page referrals know you exist.

This takes into consideration how a typical consumer may find your page. What keywords will most likely be used? How often will these keywords be used in coordination with each other? How can the flow of your page’s content be adjusted in accordance to the latter?

These are all matters tackled by on-page optimization. This, along with off-page optimization, is key to making sure that good content isn’t ignored.

As effective tools as they are, they’re also quite time-consuming to do by yourself. Apart from all the technicalities that come with them, there are ethical matters to take note of. You do want to keep your business from getting blacklisted, don’t you?

To make sure that your SEO needs are done correctly, it’s ideal to outsource to a reliable digital marketing service.

By doing so, you don’t only make sure that the job is done, but you’re also going to go the more cost-effective route. Don’t believe us? Get in touch with a good service provider today, and see what difference it can make for your business.

What To Avoid In Link Building

Ethics in business can be quite a hot topic. These days, it’s so easy for a single social media post complaining about a business’s bad practices to be shared and spread like wildfire.


Even those in the B2B community are not exempted from this. One must keep to legitimate and honest methods with their work to have the best reputation.

Oftentimes it is better to take the long road and have a clean image than to become lucrative through questionable means.

Working in the search engine optimization industry exposes one to the so-called three hats of SEO: White hat, gray hat, and black hat. Practicing the latter, in particular, is considered unethical and is not condoned by search engines.

Black hat SEO methods such as cloaking and keyword stuffing are well known. Link building also has its share of unethical methods, but what are they? Here are some of the best known techniques:

Buying Links

One way to influence page rankings is to buy links from a website with a higher rank. Back in the day, there were sites with the sole purpose of link selling and there were even people who bid on links. Eventually, search engines like Google decided to put a stop to this by devising ways to find bought links and bring their value down, or even give them a penalty.

For some SEO experts, link buying is a perfectly fine practice as long as you don’t get caught. But it’s always best to stick to more honest ways, right?

Fake Profiles and Spamming

People on blogs and forums are very well acquainted with spam comments. Many SEO companies use fake profiles on Disqus, Quora, forums, and other websites for the sole purpose of advertising posts with links directing to their client’s website. Some have even created programs to automate this process, causing much trouble for website owners and bloggers. A few methods have been devised to counter spamming, such as captchas and spam detecting plugins. While not a perfect method, it has certainly helped reduce the amount of spamming online.

To be fair, commenting on blogs and forums isn’t a bad practice in itself. It just has to be relevant to the topic at hand and helpful as well.

Website Hacking

This is perhaps one of the, if not THE, most malicious method in black hat SEO. This technique involves hacking into websites in order to add links. Link builders who employ this tactic search for susceptible sites. Sometimes they even target entire hosting servers. They then hack into them and add links or sometimes whole directories. The best of these hackers are so good at being sneaky that a site owner might never even discover that their site was hacked in the first place.

Using these black hat techniques can be very tempting especially for clients who want “fast” results in their SEO. This is because white hat techniques like creating good content do take a lot of time and effort. But in the end, using what is appropriate will have permanently positive effects for a website. If a company wants to offer quality link building services, then their best bet is to stick to the narrow path of white hat SEO.