Writing for Web the Right Way

Web writing, compared to other forms of writing, requires a unique approach as you have to keep readers interested as well as make sure they gain something from the material.

It’s easy to get carried away and veer off to one side of the spectrum; sometimes the writing may get too fun and casual, and the reader is drawn away from the point of the article, and other times, the writing may get too formal and technical, boring the reader away.

As difficult as it may seem to achieve a balance, there are ways to help achieve it, they’re pretty simple.

It Should Be Easy to Read


Readability is paramount, so it would be wise to stay away from heavy words and generally unfamiliar acronyms. This also entails sticking to one point per paragraph.

Ensuring that your articles and posts maintain an an upbeat and active voice helps to hold attention as well as help the reader play out the text in their minds and absorb the information easier. Additionally, it helps keep the yawns away. It is, after all, a website and not an encyclopedia.

It Should Be Easy to Navigate

Another thing you can do to keep things more reader-friendly is to put your material in sections with headers effectively summarizing your point. This not only helps ensure that you stick to one point per paragraph, but also makes it easier for the reader to see the main points of the article or post.

If the reader sees what the article is going to talk about, they’ll be able to better gauge their interest in the article. If they see that it’s something they are interested in, they’re sure to stay and finish it, and if they’re not, you will at least have at have gotten to present your point.

It Should Be as Concise as Possible


In relation to the two previous points on making sure the material is web audience-friendly, it’s another important pointer to keep material as short as possible (without impeding information, of course).

In addition to complicated words and digression, one big turn-off for web audiences is articles that seem to go on forever. The reader most likely went to your page for some quick answers to their concerns, and that’s what you should provide them, not a five paragraph essay on the background of your product, you can save that for a separate page.

It Should Sound as Natural as Possible

Make sure the reader knows that you, a fellow human being, wrote that text, not some generator bot. Remember that consumers nowadays are more responsive to human and personalized content, so keep things natural-sounding, like you’re speaking to someone from just another person’s point of view.

With that in mind, don’t randomly place links on the page that sound suspicious (i.e. “Click me”), it’s better to place links within the text. If happen to mention the service or a benefit of the product, then place the link there.

It Should Be Search Engine Optimized


This is a more technical (but still vital) aspect of web writing: making sure your content is written with the concept of how search engines are utilized in mind.

Strategically placing popular keywords within the content is particularly vital, and pays off big when done right as it helps boost your search engine result ranking organically, helping you earn the trust of potential customers.

Know that successful content writing for websites doesn’t have to be difficult, provided that you have the right people working on it.

For local businesses, it’s a good idea to outsource web writing needs to a reliable copywriting service in Davao. Not only are your web content needs taken care of, but they can also be incorporated into a larger online campaign with social media to help boost your presence.


3 Fatal Mistakes in Web Writing

Writing for the web is different from writing in your journal or writing a novel. Professional web writing service providers know this. Aspiring authors who are stuck in a content-writing job to make ends meet have an edge on creativity but the internet cares more about relevance more than any other criteria. Here are the mistakes to be avoided at all cost:

1. Too Much Creativity

Writing for the web is about business. I’m not just talking about making profit, but also attracting people to put up with your content. When people browse through the internet, they’re not looking to read a novel (unless that is the actual keyword they used). They’re looking to find relevant content about something that concerns them. So cut the long anecdotes and be direct to the point.

Don’t overcomplicate your sentences as well. Nobody cares if you know how to use “jubilant” in a sentence. Stick to simplicity. You’re competing with people’s attention span and they don’t usually have the patience for pages that beat around the bush. You’re writing for lazy people so use common terms. Not only for your audience’s sake, but for the sake of your search engine rankings as well. No matter how creative you are, if Google doesn’t pick up your important keywords, no one’s going to visit your page because they don’t rank in the search results.

2. No Visuals

Viewing a website is essentially a visual experience. That’s why web developers obsess over the design of a website up the smallest elements like icons and buttons. When it comes to blog posts and other individual pages, especially for text-heavy ones, it’s important to break the monotony with images or illustrations that complement your content.
Business-wise, this is an obvious advice because people aren’t likely to trust just wordy descriptions of what you’re selling. Of course you also need to incorporate pictures of your product, or maybe the location of your business if you’re trying to get people to visit the place.

3. Inconsistent Quality

Consistency is key, especially for web content. Remember, your visitors can land in any of your webpages. You have to make sure every post will encourage the readers to stay and read more pages. It’s also quite discouraging for the audience to jump from a well-written and informative blog post to a mediocre and misinforming article on the next page.

If you’re not confident about writing for your website on your own, hiring an agency that specializes in website content writing services is a wise choice.

Content Writing: Four Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

digital-marketingDigital marketing services offered by the best companies will include a content writing service. Digital marketing, essentially, is the go-to practice of business owners who want to get noticed by their target audience online. It is defined as the process of “marketing of products or services using digital mediums”.

It’s strategic, and allows you to tap into a much wider audience. It’s the best solution to every employers’ digital marketing woes especially if you’re one of those folks who are struggling to connect with a younger audience.

However, as simple as it sounds, digital marketing is more complicated than you think. It has a lot of branches with different purposes and functions. Under the umbrella term of digital marketing, there’s content creation, social media management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), inbound marketing, email outreach, and lead generation.

Here are four questions you should ask yourself for a good digital marketing strategy.


What Do You Want to Achieve?

Especially if your business is still in its start-up phase, you can’t afford to spend money on something that will not reap any benefits for your business. Of course, you’re going to spend a little money on digital marketing, but determining your goals will help you do it efficiently.

By having a specific target goal, it would be easier to determine the direction of your campaign. It will also help you create a clear financial plan for the entire marketing campaign. By knowing what you want, it becomes easier to determine the steps on how you can achieve it.

What Message Do You Want to Send?

In other words, “what do you want your audience to know?” Do you want encourage them to buy your products? Do you want them to connect to you on a personal level? Do you want them to download your latest ebook?

To Whom Do You Want to Send Your Message?

Digital marketing is especially effective if you’re trying to tap to a younger audience. If you’re trying to reach students or young professionals, social media would be the best area of digital marketing to use. If you’re planning to increase brand awareness among your tech-savvy customers by being visible online, SEO or getting content writing service from professionals would be the best solution.

Who’ll Do the Work?

Digital marketing requires work. Whichever branch of digital marketing you want to use for your marketing campaign, it will require a lot of time, effort, resources and a purpose-driven, well-crafted strategy.

It Is possible for business owners to do their own digital marketing campaign. But running your own business is, in itself challenging and time consuming. This is why there are business owners around the world who hire professionals who offer digital marketing services.

There are a lot of competent companies around the world who provide digital marketing services. These companies house experts who can manage your campaign through social media, content writing, or whatever appropriate channel, so you can focus on other areas of your business that need your attention.

Don’t know where to start? We know a few people you can trust, send us a message!