Why You Should Work With a Local SEO Company

Building an online presence that’ll encourage potential customers to get to know your brand is definitely not an easy task. With the time and effort it takes to create materials as well as manage the channels, not to mention note updates on online trends, leaving the job to people who are more experienced marketing-wise is understandably the smarter thing to do.

Contrary to the notion that only large-scale and more established companies should work with professional agencies, start-ups and small to medium enterprises can actually benefit quite a lot as well, especially if it’s a local SEO company.


Better Brand Awareness

For smaller businesses, local customers are definitely the fans that you want. Not only are local customers more likely to turn you into one of their go-to spots, but you’re able to better establish your brand as an authority.

When you’re able to successfully brand yourself as a reliable figure that customers can trust when it comes to say, automotive products, clothes, vegan dining, whatever your business is in, creating a following comes much easier.

Better Understanding of Local Customers

Local business success is clearly largely dependent on success with the customers in a particular area, as such customers are typically the ones who provide the most reliable return on investment. In order to make an impression on these customers, understanding their needs, preferred language, and even online quirks is key.

What better way to make an impression with locals than with an SEO company, right? It’s one thing to work with experts in the SEO field, but it’s another to have the added advantage of the experts being locals themselves. By actually understanding what they want as locals themselves, the strategy will be more in tune with what works for your local customers.

Better Incorporation With Your Overall Online Marketing Strategy

If you’re working on other online marketing efforts as well, such as a PPC campaign or social media marketing, your SEO provider can make sure important factors such as your keywords can be take into consideration so that you’re overall online campaign maintains a single direction.

With all your different strategies working together toward a single goal, you’re set for a much stronger impact on your target market.

Better Priced Compared to Other SEO Options

Business owners are always worried about what getting professional assistance will cost them, but it all really boils down to the SEO company you choose; remember that you don’t have to shell out a lot for quality services, it’s all about choosing a reliable company that’s flexible when it comes to working with budgets.

Better yet, with the right agency, you may be able to avail of other digital marketing services without having to hire services from a separate PPC agency or social media management team.


There are more benefits that come with a reliable SEO service provider, and the best way to experience the benefits is to let your business give it a go. You may be surprised at how the benefits go beyond technical matters like SEO and help you with things like your branding as well.


SEO Vs PPC: Do You Really Have to Choose?


Search engine optimization and pay per click advertising are two relatively new methods of boosting one’s business presence-wise, and they are both undeniably helpful in doing so. With that, certain questions may lie. Should I invest in an SEO services agency? Or should I focus on PPC advertising services instead?

To help answer these questions, it’s a good idea to lay out some of the positives and negatives for each.



Builds Credibility

With SEO, it’s all about getting your page a good search results ranking and getting a helpful amount of organic traffic for your site.

Your page’s constant presence in the results will eventually lead people to associating your page (and your business) with the corresponding search terms, effectively making you a sort of trusted authority on the matter. When your page has established trust among internet users, they’re more likely to visit and regularly check on your site.

When such a trust is built, you’d have greater opportunity to make your potential customers see why they should avail of your products or services and more importantly, they’d be more likely to listen to you.


Another good thing about SEO is that even if you halt efforts with it, its benefits will still be felt. It’s one of those things you’ll definitely be glad you invested in.

Unlike with PPC, whose effects are largely dependent on whether you’re still subscribing to it or not. Even if you cut back on SEO, what it has done for your business in terms of establishing your page’s authority and building a good stand with customers goes on for a while longer, at least until you can get back to spending on SEO.


While paid ads do in bring in traffic, users are still more likely to click on and consider organic listings. Getting a good spot amongst other organic search results is something a company cannot simply buy and when achieved definitely reaps its benefits.



Market Visibility

With PPC, by simply paying for ad space, you are already assured that people will be seeing your ad even if they didn’t necessarily target your company specifically. So even though you might not have been one of their top options, your presence may propel them to now consider you and hopefully go with your company in the end.

Your aimed market, on the other hand, can now be more specifically targeted. While SEO’s abilities in this area provide a broader reach, PPC allows you to get in touch with the potential customers who are actively interested in what you may be offering, making conversion a greater possibility.


PPC is a particularly good choice for when you want to try out different strategies since it doesn’t take much effort to change an ad and you get quick feedback.

It’s also a good way to try out a marketing strategy before diving into larger campaigns since it can gather a significant amount of information, but at the same time, doesn’t require much investment.

Cost Effectiveness

Time and again this has been listed as one of the top reasons why PPC advertising services should be considered by every startup, and for good reason.

Since smaller enterprises are typically more budget conscious, it’s important that value for money is considered. This method is pay per click, so while not all clicks are assured transactions, it’s a lot more cost-efficient.

Both methods evidently have their respective benefits that any business would want, and more importantly, it’s important to point out that the better method here would depend on what your business needs.

At different stages your business may need more of PPC and then later on SEO, basically, it’s important to see these methods not as “ors” but as “ands” that will assist your business at it develops.

With all that, it would be best to consult with a reliable digital marketing agency to help you see which one you should invest in now at your business’s current stage and see how SEO and PPC can work together to build your company the online presence it deserves.

What to Look for in An SEO Service Company

With websites getting more popular than ever, more and more companies are now looking to SEO service companies to handle their link building services needs. Where there are a lot of companies looking for these services, there are also a lot of companies offering to take care of their concerns.

With so many options available, interested business/website owners, including you, maybe, may find it hard to decide on a service company to go with. To help narrow down the choices, here are some factors that interested owners should know when considering their SEO service company options.


They Always Think Beyond What Is Asked of Them

Good SEO service companies do not limit themselves to what is asked of them by clients, they also consider all other possible outcomes and prepare strategies for these as well. More importantly, they actively seek out other opportunities that could aid the client’s cause and of course, update the client.

Even when things are going well, they do not let their guard down. They constantly look for any possible lapses and points for improvement and advancement, whether it is from the client or from other external sources.

They Don’t Limit Themselves to Mainstream Platforms

While Google and Facebook are today’s most widely used search engine and most widely used social media platform, respectively, that doesn’t mean the link building team should rely on them alone. Exploring other search engines and pages, like Bing, news sites, sponsored listings pages, among others, could help gain additional traffic for a site.

They’re Easy to Work With

Link building and SEO in general have a lot of technicalities to them, and clients who are not well versed or familiar with such technicalities will find it difficult to catch up with the team’s explanations. It is the team’s duty to break them down to simpler terms, making sure that the client has a clear understanding of how their links are going to be managed.

More importantly, they walk you through the financial aspect of the campaign. They will make it clear to the client how much they might earn if they use this keyword or that keyword, and if it will make the client earn or lose money. A good team will not care about getting paid alone, they will make sure that the client gets a good deal for their money as well.


They Will Ask You a Lot About Your Company

While a service company may be expected to research on their client’s brand beforehand, they will still have to ask the client questions on smaller details to ensure that their work will stick as closely as possible to the client’s vision.

Their questions may range from what keywords the client may specifically want to be included and what exactly they wish to achieve from their campaign. This allows them to estimate as accurately as possible price and conversion rates.

They More or Less Already Have a Plan to Show You

Given that they’ve made prior research about the client, they should have at least the basic frame for a plan, so that the client would have an idea of how the team is going to do their work. Clients wouldn’t want to be caught off guard by tactics they may not agree with.

With all the available options swimming out there, it is easy to get lost and end up choosing a company that may end up not working out with your vision. Business owners should take their time in carefully weeding out these less-than-ideal companies.

What it all really boils down to is that interested business owners should look for a good SEO service company who’s link building services team thinks outside the box and, more importantly, actually cares about the client.


The Fundamentals of SEO

Want to start working in the world of search engine optimization? Did you outsource some work to an SEO provider and would like to familiarize yourself with what exactly they’re working on? Want to start working in the world of search engine optimization? Did you outsource some work to an SEO provider and would like to familiarize yourself with what exactly they’re working on?


Learning SEO seems overwhelming at first, so let’s start with the basics, shall we?

In layman’s terms, search engine optimization–or SEO for short–is pretty much the process of adapting strategies to suit a search engine’s algorithms so that webpages can rank high.

The tricky part with this is that these search engine algorithms evolve along with the Internet through the course of time. This means that those who provide search engine optimization services need to constantly change the way they play the game.

But what are the fundamentals of SEO?

What should we know first before thinking of a strategy?

We can divide the basics into three parts: Keywords, On Page, and Off Page.

Keywords are what people type into the search bar when they, well, search for something in Google or other search engines. They’re the first thing that comes to mind for many of us when we hear the word SEO. We can’t help it—a large part of SEO does revolve around keywords.

We know the main goal of SEO is to make a webpage appear as close to the first page of the search results as possible when their keywords are typed in. Researching these keywords is one of the tough parts. Too broad of a keyword and you’ll have too much competition. Many SEO experts search for and use “long-tail” keywords (aka short phrases) instead, as they will have less pages to compete with. But how are keywords used?

On-Page SEO is where the keywords go. The basics of the basics, it consists of the following:

• Web ContentThis means all the things we have on our websites–blog posts, articles, images (their image names matter as well!), videos and descriptions, among others.

• URLs The structure of your URL affects how SEO-friendly it is. URLs that are short, contain a keyword, and also describes the content that the page has do not only tend to rank higher, but are also human-friendly as well.

• Metadata This is what you call the bits of text that appear when webpages appear on the results pages. They are the title of your page and its description. Optimizing your metas are very important–the title tag alone can catapult you to the first page.


Now, if On Page SEO focuses on your own website, Off Page SEO is more concerned with other sites. We’re talking about links. When search engines see that websites link back to your own site, it has a positive effect on your site’s ranking.

Remember, however, that it’s not about the number of links to your site. It’s about the quality and content of the sites that link back to you. The better the quality of these sites, the more relevant you become in the figurative eyes of the search engine.

There are many study materials and tutorials out there that provide a more in-depth look into SEO. Unfortunately for many of us, we just don’t have the time to learn how to optimize our websites. But while we hand all the work to people who offer SEO company services, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two about what they do.

But if you want to delve deeper into the world of SEO, then study away!